Tuesday, 29 July 2014

DRAMA 2014!

 We have been involved in a range of new Drama games at the beginning of our new topic Hollywood 
 or Bust.
 I enjoyed freeze frame the most because, the people we had to be were really creative, so everyone 
 had to think really hard. We also did freeze frame in room 13 with Mrs Cottrel and she had the same 
 Sort of ideas as Mrs Patteren.

 I now need to work on my facial expression for the rest of the term.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Kikorangi Motu (Blue Island)

We have been learning Māori at school but because it's Māori language week we have been doing more Māori than usual. 

My Island:
My island has an awa (river) through the middle of the island with a arahanga (bridge) going over the ara (river) connecting the Motu (island), on the top side of the Motu (island) there's two puke (hills) with a huarahi (pathway) going through the middle of the puke (hills) witch leads to a rohe pikiniki (picnic area), there are three one (beaches) two on the bottom side of the Motu (island) and one on the top side of the Motu (island), on the bottom side of the Motu (Island) there are eight maunga (mountains) with a huarahi (pathway) going through the middle of them, surrounding the Motu (island) there is a moana (sea) with harbours going into the beaches. 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mine and Samara's Christchurch art model!

Mine and Samara's Future Christchurch model!

Our Christchurch model is a stair swimming pool. In the bottom half of the swimming pool is for kids aged 3-6 and the other bottom half is for the hydro slides landing, and the top pool is for kids aged 
7-11. There is a lot of area to play in because there is 2 swimming pools for kids to play and then little kids won't get squashed by big kids.