Thursday, 28 May 2015

How I was good on the bus at technology!

Technology - I was good on the bus at technology because I only talked to the person beside me the whole time (Sam W). There was also no teacher on the bus, but I still tried to behave as others weren't doing the right thing. Next time a way I'm going to improve is to talk more quietly to the person next me. Thanks Sam W because you reminded me to be quiet and not talk to the person behind me.


Librarian - This week I had librarian on Tuesday, once I got there I put some of the books away e.g. placing books in senior fiction, junior fiction and a lot more. Another thing I did was issue books with Taylor. We did this by, me scanning their photo and their book, and then Taylor stamping the date in them and handing the book or books back to them. This was my first time issuing books, so maybe next time I will get better at it. My next shift and the Library is next Tuesday.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Peer mediation

Today I did peer mediation. 
I had no problems, and it was very cold. As it was cold we started to do star jumps to warm ourselves up. Polly and I felt a lot warmer after we did our star jumps.
I have now changed to Monday's as winter sport is on Fridays, I am on with Polly and Tom.

My Career goal 2015!

My writing goal is to have good ideas. This writing proves this because I put a lot of thought and energy into it.

Our career goal is to become a Lawyer. There are many reasons why we want to become a lawyer such as it sounds like you have to work hard to get there and we want to be challenged, and also law interests us. A big part of being a lawyer is going to court to defend people when they're in need. In New Zealand the job availability is average so we have a fifty, fifty chance of becoming a lawyer.

To help us become a lawyer we will need to consider what high school subjects we take. It is highly recommended to take English, typing, history and classical studies. It will be useful to take English because as a lawyer you need to communicate a lot, as your clients would like to know what is happening with their cases. Typing would be a useful subject because as a lawyer you have to type up a lot of your cases. History is important as you need to know all of the past laws and present laws; as a lawyer needs to know all the laws for their cases, or else their clients are unlikely to win their case. All of these subjects will be helpful for university so that we can get good grades and move through university as quickly as possible.

These subjects will help us pass NCEA level 3 with 14 credits in each three subjects, or be over the age of 20 to gain entrance to any New Zealand university. At the end of university we have to hold a Bachelor of Laws degree. Enrol in a first year law program for the law you wish to work in. The two universities well known for law degrees in New Zealand are Otago University in Dunedin and Victoria University in Wellington. We need to pass first year law in the top group of students to move through to second year law. Places in second year law are limited. At Otago they take 700 students into first year law but only 200 into second year so we need to have grades from A- to B+.  From then all we need to do is carry on to pass our classes. This takes four years of full time study. 

Aswell as four years of study, we also need to fit the personal requirements for the job. These requirements include resilience, self awareness, collaboration, question and finally connect. Resilience will help you in this job because we will constantly have to come up with new ideas if our former ideas fail. Self awareness is important because we will need to be focused so we can finish our work before our next case. Collaboration will be compulsory because we will need to collaborate with clients and other staff members. We will need to be able to question because we will need to think of different outcomes and find the solution. Connect is also very important because our clients need to be able to trust us with their information. If we do not have these qualities it is unlikely for us to get this job or this job may not be for us.

If we do not get this job don't worry as their are other similar jobs such as, Judge, Barrister, legal executive and workplace relations advisor. A Judge is very similar because, judges also go to court and get to have the final say. With out degree we are able to do any of these jobs.

Overall if we succeed at this job we are likely to be payed $35K - $50K per year. Note that this is the least amount of work we have to do to become a lawyer, some people carry on so that they can get a better opportunity in the employment market.

My goals 2015!

So far with my three goals I have:
- Gotten close to getting my merit badge which is on my way to earning my destintion badge.
- I have moved to various groups through reading and maths and have finished my careers goal draft in my writing.

Friday, 15 May 2015

My Discovery

Light up jars!

We are past unistructural because we know how to make them.

Jar, glow sticks and glitter.

1 - Break the glow stick in half.
2 - Empty the glow stick into the jar.
3 - Add some glitter.
4 - Put the lid on the jar.
5 - Shake well.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Peer mediation!

Last week on peer mediation Hayley and I were on the field walking around the playground. We asked some kids if they had a problem but they said that they were fine so we kept walking, next we were on the juniors side of the field, when we saw some kids fighting over a ball. We asked them if they needed help but they said that they were fine.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


In Autumn the bare branches hang
From the broken down trees.
The wet waterfalls gush down 
As the giant turns on the tap.
The Icicles were do clear she could see 
Straight through them! 

I chose to use alliteration and hyperbole because I had been to breakouts on them, to help me learn more about them. I chose similie because I think that this is a stronger point for me. I think that I am extended abstract because I can help other people with their poems and prove why I used these language features.