Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Librarian - Today at librarian Taylor, Jak and I were on, but Taylor didn't feel to well so Sam W said that she would fill in for her. Once we got there Jak was already in there and he said that he had done most of the books, but there were still a few left so Sam and I did them for him. The books that were left were mostly number books (This means that they had numbers on the side of them because, they didn't go in the same section as the other books). After we had finished this Sam and I sat at the desk while Jak walked around the library to help other kids. We had a lot of kids come up and issue books today. At one point I also got some kids names mixed up, as they had been up there more than once. I also learnt how to reserve books as Sam showed me how. After this it was time to pack the library up so we walked around and closed it. 

Peer mediation

Peer mediation - Yesterday at peer mediation Polly and I were on. As we started Emma D and Jack W came over to join us, as then we'd be a group of four in stead of two groups of two. After this we walked to the junior playground, as this is where most of the problems happen. Surprisingly there were no problems, but as we were there a lot of the little kids wanted to show us all of their tricks that they can do on the monkey bars. After this we went and walked around the field, as this is Jack and Emma's area. We walked around the field once and there were no problems. Since there were no problems we decided to go to the senior playground, but as we were heading there we saw that the time was ten past one, this meant that we had to finish now. So we went back and put out stuff away. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Radio Station

Radio Station - Today at Radio Station I got there before Monique so I started looking through all of the songs to choose some that we would play. After I did this I started writing the script for the show. Then Sam W came in saying that she was filling in for Monique. Once I had finished writing the script I showed Sam how to use the equipment and she got the hang of it really quickly. Once we started I had to guide Sam through as its really hard to get the first time. Once we started Sam had gotten the first line slightly wrong, it was also really hard trying to get her to keep the music at the right volume but apart from that she was amazing at it. I also have Sam the harder job because she came in slightly late so I had already got everything set up. Next time something I could do better is give her the easier job so that it's not as hard on her first go.  

Peer mediation

Peer Mediation - Yesterday Monique and I were on peer mediation (Monique filled in for Polly because she wasn't here). The first place we decided to go to was the junior playground as this is where most of the problems happen. Once we got there Jack W came over to do peer mediation with us as the people he's usually with were in Wellington. This meant that we had to do the field as well as the courts. While we were at the playground there were heaps of kids that wanted to show us their tricks on the monkey bars. After all of the little kids had showed us their tricks, we walked over to the field. While we were there we saw some little kids with equipment that they aren't allowed to be using, so we took it off them and went to return it to Mr Wallis. Once we had returned everything it was time to stop so we went and put our stuff away. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Peer mediation

Peer Mediation - Yesterday I filled in on peer mediation for Samara I did this because her third person wasn't there this means that Kyla, Samara and I all walked around the field. We got halfway around the field and we already had a problem! Once we had started this problem another girl came to us and said that she also had a problem so Samara went and helped her while Kyla and I stayed to help the other kids. These kids were so hard to deal with because they kept talking over the top of us, we solved this by going over the rules with them so that we could remind them what was acceptable. Once we were halfway through the rules a little kid came up to us and said that she had a problem, so I gave Kyla my card and went over to help them. This problem was a lot easier to solve as these girls didn't keep talking over the top of me. After this I asked one of the girls that wasn't wearing a hat to go and sit under the shade sails, so she did. Then Kyla came over and we walked around trying to find Samara, once we found her it turned out that she had solved more than one problem while she was away. Next time something I think I could do better is keeping my card with me so that I can read from it to tell them the rules and remember what to say to the little kids. 

Treaty of Waitangi Identity Unit

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Librarian - Yesterday at librarian Taylor and I were on. At the start of lunch I raced over to the library because usually people go in when they're not allowed to (only the librarians and Mrs Ward are allowed in). By the time I got there people had already started to go on though so I had to try and ask them to leave untill Mrs Ward got there, but Mrs Ward got there before I got anyone out so they just stayed inside. At the start of our duty the first thing I did was get the books that had already been returned and then put them back on the shelf where they go. Sometimes this is hard because some of the books have no labels or some of them have different labels that mean different things. After this I went and sat at the counter so that I could issue and return books, while I did this Taylor went and walked around the lonrary making sure that their were no problems. Next something I could do better is getting there sooner so that no one goes in before they're supposed to. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Peer mediation

Peer Mediation - Yesterday at peer mediation I was slightly late as athletics went longer than expected and ended up going through the start of lunch, once we had done our time we decided to keep going because the other peer mediators weren't there and we thought we keep going as we missed the start of our session. Samara also offered to go with me as Polly wasn't there and I would have been by myself. Once we had started we went strait to the juniors playground because this is where most problems happen. Once we got there my sister came up to us because there was a problem with one of the year ones, once we had stared this another little kid came to us and said there was another problem elsewhere. This would of been to difficult to leave and then come back to because it was nearly the end of lunch, since we couldn't leave it Samara went and helped them with there problem and I stayed to help my sister with her problem. The solution to this problem was to get a duty teacher because it was a problem that involved physical violence. After this I went to the problem that Samara was sorting and helped with the solution. After that we started walking back to class as it was nearly the end of lunch.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - At Kapa haka yesterday, we went through Tahurihuri twice and then the routine for the opening of the new community centre and the gala. The routine is,
- Tahurihuri 
- Hope 
- Pai mai
- Whakataka Te Hau (with the haka)
The song Tahurihuri is a song that we do the poi to. I can do the poi I am just learning how to do it faster.  We do actions to Hope and Pai mai. I know these actions really well, I just need to learn the poi actions better. When we do Whakataka Te Hau we don't do any actions, Tjis means that we just stand there and do the wiri. After this we do the haka I like the haka because it's quite fun. Next time something I could learn is the poi.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Radio Station

Radio Station - Today at radio station Monique and I were on. We ended up starting late because it took us a while to fill in the script. We also couldn't find the piece of paper that had all of the story's from the news on it. This means that it didn't matter that we started late because we weren't able to do the school newsletter or the story's from the news. We started just past one and then finished just before lunch ended. Next time something I could do better is remember to turn the microphone on before we start because we forgot this time and then had to start again. 


Technology - On the bus to technology today I sat with Jordan again (remember the new seating plan). We sat two seats away from the back of the bus. I learnt something new about Jordan, AGAIN!! This was because we played a game where you had to ask a question about yourself and then the other person would answer the question. I think that on the way there our bus level was way better than last week. This may have been because four people weren't allowed to come as they were to loud last week. On the way back I got really confused before we hopped on the bus because I wasn't sure which bus was my bus (bus 1). On the way back the noise level was really good I think it was almost better than on the way there. Next time something I want to focus on is - remembering which bus I am on as people get annoyed when you hop on there bus. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Librarian - Today at librarian Taylor, Jak and I were meant to be on, but it just ended up being Taylor and I. As I'm not sure where Jak went. At the start I was there by myself because I went over there as soon as the bell rang but it took Taylor about five minutes longer. As soon as I got there I knew what to do strait away as I have done it so many times. I started putting the returned books away as there were heaps of them there. Sometimes I get muddled up with this because there are lots of different places you can put the books. When I was half way through this Taylor came and helped me finish. Once we had finished this I went to the desk and started returning and issuing books. 


Technology - On the bus to technology we had the new seating plan. My new bus buddy is Jordan, we also have to sit near the back. I think this is a good change as the his wasn't as loud, and you get to learn something new about someone. While I was sitting with Jordan I found that she has the same middle name as me (Kate). I also found out a lot of other stuff, most of our conversation was about formal though, but it was good to sit next to someone who knew what formal was about. I'm looking forward to sitting next to Jordan again and hope I learn something else I didn't know about her. On the way there I think the noise level was AWESOME it was way better than what it has been. On the way back I don't think it was as good but it was still an improvement from last time. 


Assembly - Yesterday at assembly the boys got there first so we ended up sitting in the back rows, I didn't mind this as it doesn't matter where you sit, it is just that sometimes I can't see the front because the boys are so tall. We got to sit closer to the front though because, the boys class was hosting the assembly, this means that the rows weren't as full as they usually are. At the end of the assembly there was an athlete who came in to talk to us because it is Olympic week. His name was Aaron and he did bobsledding while he was at the olpympics. He showed us what he wore at the Olympics and how he got a paint mark on his helmet. He got the paint mark because the bobsled he was racing tipped over while they were at the Olympics. He also said while he was there that he has the only bobsled in New Zealand and he might bring it in for us when he gets the chance. Next time at assembly I want to improve on my body language e.g. Sitting up strait so that it looks like I am paying attention. 

Peer mediation

Peer mediation - Yesterday I was on peer mediation with Polly and Tom. Polly and I started together and then later on Tom came and joined us. this was because he had forgotten and the peer mediators that were on the field reminded him for us. We went to the junior playground first because this is where we find a lot of problems. There ended up being no problems there, but the little kids wanted to show us how good they were at the monkey bars, so we stayed for about five minutes longer and there were still no problems. Next we went to the middle school playground where the year 3 and 4's play, but there weren't any problems there either. So we started walking around the juniors block, but there weren't any problems there! The little kids there wanted us to stay a little longer to so once we had been there for a few minutes it was time for us to finish. Next time something I could do better is not spending so long watching the little kids so that then we have more time to explore more of the areas. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Choir - This week at choir we did our warm ups first, these include jumping around on the spot and doing vocal exercises. After this we started singing songs from our music books (this is because our school is participating in the Christchurch schools music festival), some of the songs in our music books include:
- Ring of fire
- The long white sails 
- California dreamin'
- Slice of heaven 
- Here comes the sun
- This little light of mine
And lots more. The two songs I like the most are California dreamin' and slice of heaven. I like California dreamin' because it has a really catchy tune. I also like slice of heaven because I knew this song quite well before we started and because I like the meaning of the song. After we had practised a few songs with our books closed, one person got to choose what song we do next. The person who chose picked Adiemus (this is a song that is not in the music book, and also has made up words in it). I like this but we never get to practise this because it's not part of the music book, so I was glad that she chose this song. Next time something I would like to improve on is remembering all the words with our books closed, this means that I will have to practise at home so that I can remember them off by heart.

Kapa Haka

Kapa haka - This week at kapa haka we practiced Tahurihuri (this is a song that we do short poi and long poi to) and Hope - Tai tapu (this is our school song and we added actions to it). After we had practiced Tahurihuri two times and Hope twice. Mrs Baker said that we had to choose four songs to preform at the opening of the new community center, two of these songs are going to be Tahurihuri and Hope because we have been practicing these two songs and trying to make them look really good for a long time. For the next two songs we had to have a vote the three songs we were choosing from were:
- He Honore
- Pai Mai 
- Whakataka te hau
We took a vote and the two songs that won were Pai Mai and Whakataka te hau. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Goals Reflection - Term 4

My goals - Last term I improved on getting my distinction badge because, I achieved my excellence badge and I got very close to my distinction badge. I have also done well in aiming my highest in every subject because, I managed to get a credit in my ICAS writing exam (this is where kids from all over New Zealand compete in exams to earn awards).

My next steps - One of my next steps is to achieve my distinction badge, I'm going to do this by continuously blogging until I have blogged enough to achieve my distinction. My other next step is to get to the year 8 standard in each subject. I'm not sure how I am going in this as it is really hard to tell on the national standards spreadsheet.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Radio Station

Radio station - Today at radio station I was on with Monique. Samara also came to watch as she's thinking about joining next year. It took Monique and I about ten to fifteen minutes to write everything down and decide what articles we were going to read. We ended up reading an article about an old lady that was growing a unicorn horn from her head. While we're there, one of us does the laptop (this means that you turn the song on and off) and the other one does the sound desk (this means you change the volume of the song and turn the microphones on and off). We had some trouble this week because sometimes the song would pause for a few seconds and then start again. We decided that we would see if this happens again, and if it does then we will go and tell Mr Mucullum. Next time something we could do better is speaking louder into the microphones, because sometimes we couldn't hear ourselfs on the radio. 


Technology - On the bus to technology I sat next to Samara, we couldn't sit with Sam W today because she is in Austrailia. We also didn't sit in a three because the bus had enough seats for all of us. On the way there I sat in next to the window and Samara sat next to the isle. I think that on the way there the noise level was between average and loud, as there was a few people shouting across the bus at each other. On the way back Samara and I sat with Cassidy, as this was a different bus with less seats. I sat in the middle, Samara sat next to the isle and Cassidy sat next to the window. The noise level on the way back was really loud because it wasn't just a few people yelling across the bus this time, it was almost everyone. Next Tuesday the teachers have decided to set us someone to sit next to and where we sit. 

Monday, 12 October 2015

WALT - Generalise properties of multiplication and division with whole numbers.

The sheet above is a sheet on how to do the two sheet's below.
As you can see the answer is the third one because you can change the grouping of numbers.

This is another example of these questions, this time it says commutative property. this is when the process gets repeated, or you can change the order of the numbers.

The sheet above is on how to do the two sheet's below.
As you can see the answer is the distributive property because the equation of two numbers times the third number is equal to the equation of each number times the third number.

This is another example of these questions. This time it says the zero property of multiplication, this just means what you divide by zero = zero. This means that the answer is the third one.

I think that I got to extended abstract because I can explain each of the questions and how to answer it.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - Yesterday at peer mediation Polly and I had to go with the peer mediators (Jack W and Jonathan) that were doing the field. This was because the field was closed. The first place we went was the junior playground we went here because the juniors always like to say that someone did something to them. We had about three issues here, they weren't very important issues for example this person pushed me while I was walking past. After this we walked around the area reminding kids that they shouldn't be in some of the areas they were in.  

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games reflection

Over the last three days I really enjoyed watching the final because it was cool to see how other people play in the same position as me.
Thinking back to the beginning of the year, I really improved on my rebounds because the activities we did were helping me focus on what was happening with the ball.
Overall I found the Koru Games interesting because all of the other sports tournaments I have played haven't been three days long.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - Today I had peer mediation. Polly wasn't here today so I had to go with the peer mediators that were doing the field, this was only one person as there other person was sick. We said we would do the field instead of the concrete area. We had one issue on the field this was, where some little kid kicked the ball away from another kid, and then the other kid pulled home by the collar. We sorted this by getting them to apologize to each other and then high five. After this we got their names and room numbers so we could submit the peer mediation form. I think this was a good solution as when we walked past them again they were playing nicely with each other. After this my sister came up to us and wanted us to help her skip we did this for a while and then left her. We walked around the field another time and then the other peer mediators came up to us so they could swap, as we had completely forgotten the time. Next time something I could improve on is finishing at the right time. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Technology - on the bus to technology, I sat with Samara. I couldn't sit with Sam W as she was sick. We were expecting for someone else to join us but no one did, as there must has been enough seats. On the way there Samara and I sat near the back. We decided this as there's a seat near the back that has the heater underneath it. On the way there I thought the noise level was really good, well at least at the back it was. On the way back our group was one of the last to get on the bus. Since we were one of the last it was lucky we got a seat. I managed to save one for Samara and I though. We again only ended up two to a seat as there must have been enough for everyone. On the way back we were near the front this was good as it was a change for us. I think that the noise level at the front of the bus was almost better than at the back of the bus. Next time something I could work on is sitting three to a seat. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - This week at Kapa Haka we sang two songs.
- Taitapu 
- Ta huri huri
Mr Brown and Matua Rhihari didn't think we were loud enough, so they decided we would go off against each other. First it was year 4/5's, year 6/7/8 girls and then year 6/7/8 boys. The winners were the year 6/7/8 boys but they said that the year 6/7/8 girls were more in tune. The second time we went off against each other it was year 4/5/6's verse the year 7/8's. This time I'm not sure who won because they said that the year 4/5/6's were louder at the start but then we got gradually louder. So in the end I'm not sure who won. During Kapa Haka Mr Brown said that the year 7/8 girls have been singing quietly lately so we have to try our bests to sing louder. At the end of Kapa Haka we found out that Matua Rhihari had brought some lollipops for us. I got a purple one that I ate during Morning tea. Something I could work on next time is singing louder as Mr Brown doesn't think we are singing to our full potential. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

WALT - I can apply some criteria to evaluate texts (e.g. accuracy of information; presence of bias.)

This is my reading follow up from my last group - it is about Disneyland. 
I think that I got to relational because I can evaluate further on my topics. 
My next step is to sit down with a teacher and discuss what my next reading goal is.

This is my entry and exit ticket, we fill these in at the start and end of a group.

WALT - I can use precise words and phrases to enhance my writing.

Why do kids have to wear school uniform?!

Why should kids wear a school uniform when no one else does? I assure you, all kids want to look unique, but they don't have the chance! Don't get me started on how Oakland's schools uniform is red and green, I mean it's not christmas anymore, and even if it was, why would we want to come to school on christmas! Also, have you ever been to the shop and you're to tiny to fit any of the senior tops! How embarrassing would it be if you came to school with a top seven size's to enormous for you!

My next step is to seek feedback from other students, to help improve my writing.

WALT - Make a pattern and give a rule for general term in words/symbols.

This term I have been learning to use function tables and how to graph co-ordinates.
I think I am at relational because I have made sense of the parts and how they fit together.

My next step is to sit down and make a new next step with the teacher.

Here is my assessment task.

Question - Tina and Tom are twins. Tina saves Tom spends. Tom found a $20 note on Sunday evening and spent $2 a day starting on Monday. Coincidentally, Tina started work that Monday and gets $2.50 a day. How long will it be before Tina has more money than Tom?

Answer - 5 days.

Here is my working out.

Tina // Tom
                             Monday - 2.50    18
                             Tuesday - 5         16
                        Wednesday - 7.50    14
                            Thursday - 9         12
                                Friday - 11.50   10

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Technology - On the bus to technology, I sat next to Sam W and Samara. On the way there I sat in the middle, this was good as in the middle you can't fall out as much. We had people from the other bus on our bus because they didn't have enough room on there bus, so they had to come and sit on our bus. I think that our noise level on the way there was very good, as we were only talking to the people next to us. On the way back we didn't have any extra people on our bus as the bus's had changed so that there was more room. I sat with Sam W and Samara again I sat in the middle again as Sam W wanted to sit next to the window and I was behind her so I just sat in the middle. I think our noise level was worse this time as the bus driver had to stop and talk to us about our noise level. Next time I think something we could improve on is keeping the same noise level each way.

Friday, 28 August 2015


This is my speech, it's called - Being a kid is hard! The speech techniques I used were pausing after a sentence and using my volume at different times.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Library - this week in the library I was on, on Tueday. Taylor and Jak were meant to be on with me. Jak was sick so he couldn't do it this week, but Taylor came. Since Jak couldn't do it Samara filled in for him. This was good as we got things finished two's as fast. This week it was raining so that heaps of people came. Mrs Ward found this irritating because the library ended up being really loud. Taylor and I had to keep going around to remind everyone to be quiet. This week there were lots of people come in and issue/return books. This was annoying so Mrs Ward taught me another way to issue the books this was good as it was a quicker way. Next time something I could do better is get the hang of issuing books the quick way.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Bus - On the bus to technology this week I sat next to Sam W and Samara, Sam W sat next to the window, Samara sat in the middle and I sat next to the isle. I didn't mind this as this bus had a bar across the chair so that I didn't fall off. I think that on the way our groups noise level was really good. On the way we were the last group on the bus so I sat next to Samara and Abi, Abi sat next to the window, Samara sat in the middle and I sat next to the isle, this was worse as there was no bar across the chair this time. I think that the noise level on the bus was really good on the way back aswell. Next time I am going to focus on being less noisy as we come into school.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


On the bus - On the way to technology I sat next to Sam W and Samara (as usual). I sat in the middle, I like sitting in the middle as I can't fall off. We also had a different bus today, this was considered a good thing as there was heaps of room on this bus. There was a lot of room sitting in the chairs. On the way there we were very excited as we had a new technology subject. We were wondering what the teacher was going to be like and what we were going to make. On the way back Sam W, Samara and I were first in line this was good as we got the back because of this, we haven't sat in the back before so this was a new experience for us. I thought that the notice level was very good both ways. Next time I don't think I would like to improve on anything.

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - this week at peer mediation the field was closed, so Polly and I had to combine with Jack and Jonathan. This meant that there was four of us instead of two of us. We also had to solve a problem between some year threes, two year fives and two year two's, this was difficult as the year two's were spitting water and kept running away as they didn't want to get told off, we weren't sure what to do at this point so we chased them until we found a duty teacher who knew who they were and what they were doing. After this we went and did the rest of our duty.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Today at library - Today on librarian Jak, Taylor and I were on. Everybody turned up today and this was good as, we could get things done twice as fast! Today once Taylor and I got there we went and put all the books back where they belong. This took about ten minutes with all of us doing it. After we had done this I went at the desk to return and issue books. Taylor and Jak walked around the library to supervise it. After about ten minutes, Taylor came and said she needed to go toilet so I covered her part of the library. Once Taylor came back I had someone come up to me wanting to return their book this was new as I had only issued books before. I eventually got the hang of it, and became pretty good at it. During lunch I had people come up to me asking for siccors, pencils etc. I also learnt that you put the family name in a book if someone has donated it to the library. This was fun as Mrs Ward let me glue some in aswell. 


On the bus to/from technology - On the bus to technology I sat next to Sam and Samara. I sat in the middle as I sat on the end last time. On the bus there it was very quiet, Sam, Samara and I could talk between ourselfs quietly and still hear each other. On the way back I sat next to Sam and Samara again. I sat on the end this time, I don't like this to much as I always fall off when I sit on the end, but it was my turn and the others had, had their turns on the end. On the way back it was also very noisy. We were sitting behind and next to some people who were talking to each other very loudly, I can now understand how the bus driver feels as it was very loud! Sam, Samara and I didn't talk to each other much on the way back as it was getting to loud. Next time something I will do better is trying to remind others that they need to be quiet.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Radio Station

Today at radio station I was on with Monique, it is good that I am working with Monique as I think we work well together. Today once we got there we started filling in a sheet which tells us what to say and when to do it during radio. Once this was done I got the next song ready while Monique went over the radio board. Once we started, Mr Mcullum came in after our first song, he told us that we hadn't turned out microphones on, this meant that anyone listening couldn't here is before. This was a mistake we were sure not to make again! After this it was my turn to read a new article Mr Mcullum had brought in. Next time something we will remember to do is turn out microphones on.

Line of symmetry.

WALT - Use the invariant properties of figures and objects under transformations (reflection, rotation, translation or enlargement).

Solo Level - I think my solo level is extended abstract because I have practiced this and got it correct most of the time.


On the bus - on the way to and from technology I sat next to Samara and Sam W. On the way there I sat next to the aisle, this was a mistake as I kept falling off my seat every time we went around a corner. On the way back I sat in the middle which meant that I didn't fall every time we went around the corner. I think that we did better this week as in the way there everyone was letting everyone else talk to each other. On the way back I don't think this worked as well as others weren't respecting that other people wanted to talk to their bus buddy's. Next time I think there are two things we could improve on, the first one is letting other people talk to their bus buddy's there and back. The second one is when we get back to school walking in quietly so that we don't disrupt Mr Ladbrook and Mrs Trotter, we could do this by only talking to the people next to us.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - Today on peer mediation Polly and I were walking around, today Tom (who is the other peer mediator) finally came to help Polly and I. Polly, Tom and I walked around the concrete area for a while, and then we went to the senior playground as we didn't know wether we were aloud here or not. Once we were done here we went to the years 3 and 4 playground. After a while looking around this playground we looked at the time and it was ten past one this meant it was time to finish are turn on, as we were walking back inside we saw the other peer mediators from the field. Next time I don't think that there is anything else I could improve on.

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - Last week at kapa haka we practiced these songs:
 - He Honore 
 - Whakataka te hau
 - Pai mai
 - Tai tapu
We also started the actions to tai tapu. Matua Riharri let us help him with the actions because of this we came up with some new, interesting actions. Next week we are going to complete more actions for tai tapu. I can remember most of the actions for tai tapu, but I need to go over a few of the actions. Next week I am going to learn all of the actions properly so that I can remember them for next time.

My board - Lawyer

Thursday, 30 July 2015


Library - This week at librarian Samara helped me as Taylor or Jak didn't show up. This week it was really quick because Miss Ward didn't need us to do much as she was handling the people coming in with book returns. All Samara and I had to do was put books back on the shelves that were being returned as lunch started. It took us about ten minutes to do this, once we finished we went out to lunch and played netball with Sam W and Meadow.


This week - On the bus to technology this week I sat with Samara and Sam W, I think this was a good decision because I can talk to them a lot but when we need to be quiet we are. This week Miss O'connor came with us on the way back. Half way back to school Miss O'connor had to talk to everyone about being to loud, I don't think we were some of the people being to loud as we had stopped talking completely, because we couldn't hear each other. Next week something I want everyone to improve on is respecting that everyone wants to talk to their bus buddies, so some other people could a little more quiet to respect others.

Peer Mediation

This week at peer mediation - Polly was back so her and I walked around the concrete area at lunch. We went to the senior playground to see what was happening there, Polly and I were deep in conversation and ended up walking onto the field, Jack who was one of the peer mediators for the field came running over to us and reminded us that we weren't supposed to be on the field. This was good of him as we had completely forgotten that we weren't supposed to be on the field. Next week something I could do better is to try and stick to my own designated area. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

WALT - specify location using bearings or grid reference.

This is a picture of my maths goal this term.
I think my solo level for this is extended abstract because I got 100 percent in two activities about grid references, I also past this group.


Technology - On the bus to technology I sat next to Samara and Sammy W, we have to sit in threes now as there weren't enough seats for everyone. I think I had a good noise level on the bus because I only spoke to the person next to me and when I did speak I was quiet. I think I was being good on the bus because I wasn't being silly by falling off my seat or getting things out of my bag when I wasn't supposed to. Next time something I could improve on is sitting closer to the front as there aren't as many distractions at the front. 

Peer mediation

Peer mediation - At peer mediation this week, I walked with Emma as Polly was not here and her partner didn't show up. We had to walk around both areas as we were the only peer mediators on duty. 

This week we had two problems - Our first problem was two girls saying rude things to each other. We tried to solve this problem, but they kept interrupting so we sent a peer mediation form to the teachers to alert them of this problem. Our second problem was two little girls couldn't find their friends, so Emma and I helped them to find their friends. Their friends were at jump jam when we found them so the little girls went to join in.

Something I found fun at peer mediation on Monday was getting involved in my first problem as a peer mediator. Something I could improve on is to explain the rules clearly so that they don't interrupt as much.

Ideas - term 2

WALT - add details in our writing.
I think that my solo level for this writing is relational because I tried to think out all my ideas in plan so that I could start straight away when I did my explanation.

This is my writing on How my school day is organised.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Goals Reflection - Term 3

My Goals - This term I have improved in getting my distinction, because I have achieved all my blogposts for my merit badge. I have improved in all subjects by aiming for the highest standard because I am nearly at the year 8 standard for everything.

Next step - My next step is to get my excellence badge by finishing all of my blogposts.

Photo - This photo is of me holding my leaf which has all of my goals on the back of it, this leaf is now hanging in our class.

Friday, 3 July 2015

How I was a good role model!

How I was a good role model  - I was a good role model this week by:
 - Helping with the Kakano cross country.
 - By doing peer mediation and other activities, to show younger children that it's good to get         involved in other extra activities.
At the Kakano cross country I helped by marshalling, this involved giving up one of my lunch times to go and sort out who is doing what and, get a map to see where everyone has to stand. I liked doing this as, I got to cheer the little kids on, and I got to see my sister (Bella) run, as mum and dad couldn't come. For extra activities this involves, going out at lunch for peer mediation to help the little kids with any problems that they have. It also includes giving up some other morning tea's lunch time's and school time to participate in these extra activities.

How I was good on the bus to technology!

How I was good on the bus to technology - I was good on the bus by:
 - Only talking to the person next to me.
 - Talking to them quietly.
 - Being respectful to others when they were trying to listen to their bus buddy talk.
 - Waiting patiently when others were walking past, to get off the bus.
 - Not pushing others to get on the bus before them.
At one point of this bus ride me and my bus buddy just stopped talking to each other because, it was getting too loud for us to hear each other. Next time something I could do better on the bus, would be - sitting three to a seat as often as possible.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kapa Haka and Choir!

Kapa Haka - This week at kapa haka, we practiced songs like:
 - Tena Matou
 - He Honore 
 - Pai Mai
 - Ta Huri Huri 
 - Whaka Taka Te Hau
I like Tena Matou the best as, the actions and words interest me.  We have done this song for a long time almost as long as I've been in kapa haka!

Choir - This week at choir we practised songs like:
 - The National Anthem
 - Halleujiah
 - Money, money, money
I like Halleujiah the best because, the words sound like this could happen in real life. I also like this song as, Iknow the words well, and it is a well known song! We started doing this song last year, so it is very resent for me. Next time something I could do better is to, sing louder, and with more pride for the National Anthem.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How I was a good role model!

Role Model - I was a good role model this week by . . .
 - When I was at the Kakano talent show, I was helping a little kid when they got nervous before their performance.
 - Helping a little girl find some friends to play with, as she was new at our school.
 - Letting two year fives play with us when they were bored.
 These all involve helping Kakano and Kauri members when they need help. 

My Maths goal

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How I was good on the bus to technology!

This week on the bus to technology I was good by . . .
 - Only talking to the person next to me.
 - Talking quietly to them.
These are some qualitys that the teachers are looking for on the bus. 
Next time something I could do better is sitting in a better place, because this week our place was annoying because we were I front of a air vent.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Our Maths video

Peer Mediation!

Peer Mediation - This week on peer mediation Polly and I had no problems. This is something I don't like about peer mediation, because you hope there are no problems, but then it can get a bit boring, so you want there to be a problem. Polly and I have been doing the concrete area, I used to do the field area, but this had to change as I had winter sport on Fridays.  I think that I like the concrete area better. I like the concrete area better because, there is a lot you can't see until you actually turn the corner, there can also be more problems, and this is fun as, it can get boring when there aren't any.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


At librarian yesterday, I had to do a few things. These things include:
- Collecting returned books and putting them away, on the shelf.
- Issuing and stamping books when people came to get them out.
- Collecting returned books, and putting them away.
There was one thing I forgot to do on Tuesday, this was forgetting to turn up to my duty, but about five minutes later, something reminded me, so I was there on time. Next time something I could do better is, making it there on time!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

How I was good on the bus at technology!

Technology - I was good on the bus at technology because I only talked to the person beside me the whole time (Sam W). There was also no teacher on the bus, but I still tried to behave as others weren't doing the right thing. Next time a way I'm going to improve is to talk more quietly to the person next me. Thanks Sam W because you reminded me to be quiet and not talk to the person behind me.


Librarian - This week I had librarian on Tuesday, once I got there I put some of the books away e.g. placing books in senior fiction, junior fiction and a lot more. Another thing I did was issue books with Taylor. We did this by, me scanning their photo and their book, and then Taylor stamping the date in them and handing the book or books back to them. This was my first time issuing books, so maybe next time I will get better at it. My next shift and the Library is next Tuesday.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Peer mediation

Today I did peer mediation. 
I had no problems, and it was very cold. As it was cold we started to do star jumps to warm ourselves up. Polly and I felt a lot warmer after we did our star jumps.
I have now changed to Monday's as winter sport is on Fridays, I am on with Polly and Tom.

My Career goal 2015!

My writing goal is to have good ideas. This writing proves this because I put a lot of thought and energy into it.

Our career goal is to become a Lawyer. There are many reasons why we want to become a lawyer such as it sounds like you have to work hard to get there and we want to be challenged, and also law interests us. A big part of being a lawyer is going to court to defend people when they're in need. In New Zealand the job availability is average so we have a fifty, fifty chance of becoming a lawyer.

To help us become a lawyer we will need to consider what high school subjects we take. It is highly recommended to take English, typing, history and classical studies. It will be useful to take English because as a lawyer you need to communicate a lot, as your clients would like to know what is happening with their cases. Typing would be a useful subject because as a lawyer you have to type up a lot of your cases. History is important as you need to know all of the past laws and present laws; as a lawyer needs to know all the laws for their cases, or else their clients are unlikely to win their case. All of these subjects will be helpful for university so that we can get good grades and move through university as quickly as possible.

These subjects will help us pass NCEA level 3 with 14 credits in each three subjects, or be over the age of 20 to gain entrance to any New Zealand university. At the end of university we have to hold a Bachelor of Laws degree. Enrol in a first year law program for the law you wish to work in. The two universities well known for law degrees in New Zealand are Otago University in Dunedin and Victoria University in Wellington. We need to pass first year law in the top group of students to move through to second year law. Places in second year law are limited. At Otago they take 700 students into first year law but only 200 into second year so we need to have grades from A- to B+.  From then all we need to do is carry on to pass our classes. This takes four years of full time study. 

Aswell as four years of study, we also need to fit the personal requirements for the job. These requirements include resilience, self awareness, collaboration, question and finally connect. Resilience will help you in this job because we will constantly have to come up with new ideas if our former ideas fail. Self awareness is important because we will need to be focused so we can finish our work before our next case. Collaboration will be compulsory because we will need to collaborate with clients and other staff members. We will need to be able to question because we will need to think of different outcomes and find the solution. Connect is also very important because our clients need to be able to trust us with their information. If we do not have these qualities it is unlikely for us to get this job or this job may not be for us.

If we do not get this job don't worry as their are other similar jobs such as, Judge, Barrister, legal executive and workplace relations advisor. A Judge is very similar because, judges also go to court and get to have the final say. With out degree we are able to do any of these jobs.

Overall if we succeed at this job we are likely to be payed $35K - $50K per year. Note that this is the least amount of work we have to do to become a lawyer, some people carry on so that they can get a better opportunity in the employment market.

My goals 2015!

So far with my three goals I have:
- Gotten close to getting my merit badge which is on my way to earning my destintion badge.
- I have moved to various groups through reading and maths and have finished my careers goal draft in my writing.

Friday, 15 May 2015

My Discovery

Light up jars!

We are past unistructural because we know how to make them.

Jar, glow sticks and glitter.

1 - Break the glow stick in half.
2 - Empty the glow stick into the jar.
3 - Add some glitter.
4 - Put the lid on the jar.
5 - Shake well.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Peer mediation!

Last week on peer mediation Hayley and I were on the field walking around the playground. We asked some kids if they had a problem but they said that they were fine so we kept walking, next we were on the juniors side of the field, when we saw some kids fighting over a ball. We asked them if they needed help but they said that they were fine.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


In Autumn the bare branches hang
From the broken down trees.
The wet waterfalls gush down 
As the giant turns on the tap.
The Icicles were do clear she could see 
Straight through them! 

I chose to use alliteration and hyperbole because I had been to breakouts on them, to help me learn more about them. I chose similie because I think that this is a stronger point for me. I think that I am extended abstract because I can help other people with their poems and prove why I used these language features.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My goals 2015

So far in term 1 I have achieved all of my homework challenges to earn my merit badge! I have still got to keep blogging about peer midiation and PALS to get the rest of it.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

negative numbers

 This term I have achieved how to find fractions, decimals, and percentages of amounts expressed as whole numbers, simple fractions, and decimals.
This is an example of what we have been doing . . .

-1 ? -3 -4 -5 -6

-2 ? 2 4 6 8

These are the answers . . .

-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6

-2 0 2 4 6 8

Art 2015

In the last 3 weeks the whole school has been focusing on art. In the kauri team we have been focusing on self portraits. This is how mine turned out . . .
On the solo rubric I think that I am working at relational because I can use a few elements but, I'm not sure why I use them.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Goals - Reflection

I have achieved my goals by:
- Taking part in PALS, peer mediation, Kapa haka and choir.
- In PALS I've shown leadership by going out to do my duty, when possible.
- In peer midiator I have been going out to do my duty every week. On the first week of term we had
  one problem, but we used our peer mediation skills and sorted it out.
- For Kapa haka I have gone to every session, and tried my hardest to learn all the songs and actions.
- For choir I have given up my time before school to come in and learn new songs every week. I also 
  try to learn these songs at home.
  Overall I think I have done well so far in being an older role model for kids at the ages of 5 - 10!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WALT - Explain the meaning of digits in numbers up to three decimal places!

Samara and I made this video to show that we can tell witch number is in witch place.

How to do step ups

I think that I got to extended abstract on my solo taxonomy sheet because I can explain why and how I did this, I can also use my knowledge of step ups to share it with others.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

A big scare!

I'm sitting next to Samara, waiting for miss O'connor to come and get me. Then she walks in.
She says "um . . .  Sam your turn" I'm so nervous, because I'm first to go. 
Samara says "Good luck!" To me as I leave and start running to chase miss O down the hall.
I enter the common room, I see four buckets on the table.
Mr Ladbrook says "okay so you're going to run as fast as you can and look under all the buckets. Then say out loud what's under the bucket, as fast as you can, also Mr Muller's going to time you. Okay?"

That's all I'm going to write and leave you wondering what happens next!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The forgotten one

My goal:
Vocabulary, I am using this by joining to words together.

This is my writing:

The Forgotten One!
Hi I'm August, I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking it's probably worse. Anyway I'm at, boring old school, right now, and I know what you're thinking, why is he at school on a Sunday? Well let me tell you this, I'm not at school, I'm at home, yes I'm home schooled, you see I can't go to school, because I always, ALWAYS have to have random surgeries! UGH!!! But never mind I . . . 
"Schools done now Auggie." 
Thats my mum, can I tell you a secret? Well she's a little bit over protective! 
"Auggie!" Says mum.
"Yes mum" I replie.
"Ah, it sometimes seems like you're not listening, it's a bit like you're in you're own world sometimes, are you alright?" 
"Yes mum I'm fine, now can we just go watch Via?"
"I thought you didn't like watching Via play hockey, you say something about it being to violent, which I totally disagree with because . . ."
"Well I like watching her now okay?" I interrupt mum, because she's doing that talk a lot thing. Whenever I decide to do something new.
"Go Via!" I shout as she's about to score a goal. She moves to quickly to the right, then swings to the left, I never, ever knew Via could move that fast! Then suddenly, everyone is screaming, Via has hit the hard ball. Then disaster strikes!
The goalie hits the ball so hard it comes off of the, Damp hard ground, and WHACK it hits Via in the head! . . .

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Kapa Haka!

This week we went to Kapa Haka and all we did this week was just go through some songs and get into groups. It was cool, and I'm hoping I'll have more to blog about next time!


This week on pals we played touch rugby with some others we played three on three.

At first they wouldn't listen to us but after a while they did, and once they did this we got strait into the game. 

After this our team had our first try, and then every one got annoyed so we had to reset the scores. Once we did this a person in our team started being silly, by throwing the ball around stupidly and not touching others. This was annoying but it was almost the end of lunch, so we didn't have to put up with it much longer.

At the end of the game the score was two - one and we won. We packed up and went to class!

Peer Mediation!

This week on peer mediation we had to solve some kids problem, because they weren't letting each other play.

We went through all of the steps on the yellow card, but they wouldn't stop talking overtop of each other. Once they stopped talking over top of each other, the others came and said we had to swap with them, but we kept going as we had to solve this problem. It took a while but they all agreed to play with each other in the end.

After this we went and swapped wit the others!