Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - Yesterday at peer mediation Polly and I had to go with the peer mediators (Jack W and Jonathan) that were doing the field. This was because the field was closed. The first place we went was the junior playground we went here because the juniors always like to say that someone did something to them. We had about three issues here, they weren't very important issues for example this person pushed me while I was walking past. After this we walked around the area reminding kids that they shouldn't be in some of the areas they were in.  

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games reflection

Over the last three days I really enjoyed watching the final because it was cool to see how other people play in the same position as me.
Thinking back to the beginning of the year, I really improved on my rebounds because the activities we did were helping me focus on what was happening with the ball.
Overall I found the Koru Games interesting because all of the other sports tournaments I have played haven't been three days long.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - Today I had peer mediation. Polly wasn't here today so I had to go with the peer mediators that were doing the field, this was only one person as there other person was sick. We said we would do the field instead of the concrete area. We had one issue on the field this was, where some little kid kicked the ball away from another kid, and then the other kid pulled home by the collar. We sorted this by getting them to apologize to each other and then high five. After this we got their names and room numbers so we could submit the peer mediation form. I think this was a good solution as when we walked past them again they were playing nicely with each other. After this my sister came up to us and wanted us to help her skip we did this for a while and then left her. We walked around the field another time and then the other peer mediators came up to us so they could swap, as we had completely forgotten the time. Next time something I could improve on is finishing at the right time. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Technology - on the bus to technology, I sat with Samara. I couldn't sit with Sam W as she was sick. We were expecting for someone else to join us but no one did, as there must has been enough seats. On the way there Samara and I sat near the back. We decided this as there's a seat near the back that has the heater underneath it. On the way there I thought the noise level was really good, well at least at the back it was. On the way back our group was one of the last to get on the bus. Since we were one of the last it was lucky we got a seat. I managed to save one for Samara and I though. We again only ended up two to a seat as there must have been enough for everyone. On the way back we were near the front this was good as it was a change for us. I think that the noise level at the front of the bus was almost better than at the back of the bus. Next time something I could work on is sitting three to a seat. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - This week at Kapa Haka we sang two songs.
- Taitapu 
- Ta huri huri
Mr Brown and Matua Rhihari didn't think we were loud enough, so they decided we would go off against each other. First it was year 4/5's, year 6/7/8 girls and then year 6/7/8 boys. The winners were the year 6/7/8 boys but they said that the year 6/7/8 girls were more in tune. The second time we went off against each other it was year 4/5/6's verse the year 7/8's. This time I'm not sure who won because they said that the year 4/5/6's were louder at the start but then we got gradually louder. So in the end I'm not sure who won. During Kapa Haka Mr Brown said that the year 7/8 girls have been singing quietly lately so we have to try our bests to sing louder. At the end of Kapa Haka we found out that Matua Rhihari had brought some lollipops for us. I got a purple one that I ate during Morning tea. Something I could work on next time is singing louder as Mr Brown doesn't think we are singing to our full potential. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

WALT - I can apply some criteria to evaluate texts (e.g. accuracy of information; presence of bias.)

This is my reading follow up from my last group - it is about Disneyland. 
I think that I got to relational because I can evaluate further on my topics. 
My next step is to sit down with a teacher and discuss what my next reading goal is.

This is my entry and exit ticket, we fill these in at the start and end of a group.

WALT - I can use precise words and phrases to enhance my writing.

Why do kids have to wear school uniform?!

Why should kids wear a school uniform when no one else does? I assure you, all kids want to look unique, but they don't have the chance! Don't get me started on how Oakland's schools uniform is red and green, I mean it's not christmas anymore, and even if it was, why would we want to come to school on christmas! Also, have you ever been to the shop and you're to tiny to fit any of the senior tops! How embarrassing would it be if you came to school with a top seven size's to enormous for you!

My next step is to seek feedback from other students, to help improve my writing.

WALT - Make a pattern and give a rule for general term in words/symbols.

This term I have been learning to use function tables and how to graph co-ordinates.
I think I am at relational because I have made sense of the parts and how they fit together.

My next step is to sit down and make a new next step with the teacher.

Here is my assessment task.

Question - Tina and Tom are twins. Tina saves Tom spends. Tom found a $20 note on Sunday evening and spent $2 a day starting on Monday. Coincidentally, Tina started work that Monday and gets $2.50 a day. How long will it be before Tina has more money than Tom?

Answer - 5 days.

Here is my working out.

Tina // Tom
                             Monday - 2.50    18
                             Tuesday - 5         16
                        Wednesday - 7.50    14
                            Thursday - 9         12
                                Friday - 11.50   10

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Technology - On the bus to technology, I sat next to Sam W and Samara. On the way there I sat in the middle, this was good as in the middle you can't fall out as much. We had people from the other bus on our bus because they didn't have enough room on there bus, so they had to come and sit on our bus. I think that our noise level on the way there was very good, as we were only talking to the people next to us. On the way back we didn't have any extra people on our bus as the bus's had changed so that there was more room. I sat with Sam W and Samara again I sat in the middle again as Sam W wanted to sit next to the window and I was behind her so I just sat in the middle. I think our noise level was worse this time as the bus driver had to stop and talk to us about our noise level. Next time I think something we could improve on is keeping the same noise level each way.