Thursday, 30 July 2015


Library - This week at librarian Samara helped me as Taylor or Jak didn't show up. This week it was really quick because Miss Ward didn't need us to do much as she was handling the people coming in with book returns. All Samara and I had to do was put books back on the shelves that were being returned as lunch started. It took us about ten minutes to do this, once we finished we went out to lunch and played netball with Sam W and Meadow.


This week - On the bus to technology this week I sat with Samara and Sam W, I think this was a good decision because I can talk to them a lot but when we need to be quiet we are. This week Miss O'connor came with us on the way back. Half way back to school Miss O'connor had to talk to everyone about being to loud, I don't think we were some of the people being to loud as we had stopped talking completely, because we couldn't hear each other. Next week something I want everyone to improve on is respecting that everyone wants to talk to their bus buddies, so some other people could a little more quiet to respect others.

Peer Mediation

This week at peer mediation - Polly was back so her and I walked around the concrete area at lunch. We went to the senior playground to see what was happening there, Polly and I were deep in conversation and ended up walking onto the field, Jack who was one of the peer mediators for the field came running over to us and reminded us that we weren't supposed to be on the field. This was good of him as we had completely forgotten that we weren't supposed to be on the field. Next week something I could do better is to try and stick to my own designated area. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

WALT - specify location using bearings or grid reference.

This is a picture of my maths goal this term.
I think my solo level for this is extended abstract because I got 100 percent in two activities about grid references, I also past this group.


Technology - On the bus to technology I sat next to Samara and Sammy W, we have to sit in threes now as there weren't enough seats for everyone. I think I had a good noise level on the bus because I only spoke to the person next to me and when I did speak I was quiet. I think I was being good on the bus because I wasn't being silly by falling off my seat or getting things out of my bag when I wasn't supposed to. Next time something I could improve on is sitting closer to the front as there aren't as many distractions at the front. 

Peer mediation

Peer mediation - At peer mediation this week, I walked with Emma as Polly was not here and her partner didn't show up. We had to walk around both areas as we were the only peer mediators on duty. 

This week we had two problems - Our first problem was two girls saying rude things to each other. We tried to solve this problem, but they kept interrupting so we sent a peer mediation form to the teachers to alert them of this problem. Our second problem was two little girls couldn't find their friends, so Emma and I helped them to find their friends. Their friends were at jump jam when we found them so the little girls went to join in.

Something I found fun at peer mediation on Monday was getting involved in my first problem as a peer mediator. Something I could improve on is to explain the rules clearly so that they don't interrupt as much.

Ideas - term 2

WALT - add details in our writing.
I think that my solo level for this writing is relational because I tried to think out all my ideas in plan so that I could start straight away when I did my explanation.

This is my writing on How my school day is organised.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Goals Reflection - Term 3

My Goals - This term I have improved in getting my distinction, because I have achieved all my blogposts for my merit badge. I have improved in all subjects by aiming for the highest standard because I am nearly at the year 8 standard for everything.

Next step - My next step is to get my excellence badge by finishing all of my blogposts.

Photo - This photo is of me holding my leaf which has all of my goals on the back of it, this leaf is now hanging in our class.

Friday, 3 July 2015

How I was a good role model!

How I was a good role model  - I was a good role model this week by:
 - Helping with the Kakano cross country.
 - By doing peer mediation and other activities, to show younger children that it's good to get         involved in other extra activities.
At the Kakano cross country I helped by marshalling, this involved giving up one of my lunch times to go and sort out who is doing what and, get a map to see where everyone has to stand. I liked doing this as, I got to cheer the little kids on, and I got to see my sister (Bella) run, as mum and dad couldn't come. For extra activities this involves, going out at lunch for peer mediation to help the little kids with any problems that they have. It also includes giving up some other morning tea's lunch time's and school time to participate in these extra activities.

How I was good on the bus to technology!

How I was good on the bus to technology - I was good on the bus by:
 - Only talking to the person next to me.
 - Talking to them quietly.
 - Being respectful to others when they were trying to listen to their bus buddy talk.
 - Waiting patiently when others were walking past, to get off the bus.
 - Not pushing others to get on the bus before them.
At one point of this bus ride me and my bus buddy just stopped talking to each other because, it was getting too loud for us to hear each other. Next time something I could do better on the bus, would be - sitting three to a seat as often as possible.