Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kapa Haka and Choir!

Kapa Haka - This week at kapa haka, we practiced songs like:
 - Tena Matou
 - He Honore 
 - Pai Mai
 - Ta Huri Huri 
 - Whaka Taka Te Hau
I like Tena Matou the best as, the actions and words interest me.  We have done this song for a long time almost as long as I've been in kapa haka!

Choir - This week at choir we practised songs like:
 - The National Anthem
 - Halleujiah
 - Money, money, money
I like Halleujiah the best because, the words sound like this could happen in real life. I also like this song as, Iknow the words well, and it is a well known song! We started doing this song last year, so it is very resent for me. Next time something I could do better is to, sing louder, and with more pride for the National Anthem.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How I was a good role model!

Role Model - I was a good role model this week by . . .
 - When I was at the Kakano talent show, I was helping a little kid when they got nervous before their performance.
 - Helping a little girl find some friends to play with, as she was new at our school.
 - Letting two year fives play with us when they were bored.
 These all involve helping Kakano and Kauri members when they need help. 

My Maths goal

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How I was good on the bus to technology!

This week on the bus to technology I was good by . . .
 - Only talking to the person next to me.
 - Talking quietly to them.
These are some qualitys that the teachers are looking for on the bus. 
Next time something I could do better is sitting in a better place, because this week our place was annoying because we were I front of a air vent.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Our Maths video

Peer Mediation!

Peer Mediation - This week on peer mediation Polly and I had no problems. This is something I don't like about peer mediation, because you hope there are no problems, but then it can get a bit boring, so you want there to be a problem. Polly and I have been doing the concrete area, I used to do the field area, but this had to change as I had winter sport on Fridays.  I think that I like the concrete area better. I like the concrete area better because, there is a lot you can't see until you actually turn the corner, there can also be more problems, and this is fun as, it can get boring when there aren't any.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


At librarian yesterday, I had to do a few things. These things include:
- Collecting returned books and putting them away, on the shelf.
- Issuing and stamping books when people came to get them out.
- Collecting returned books, and putting them away.
There was one thing I forgot to do on Tuesday, this was forgetting to turn up to my duty, but about five minutes later, something reminded me, so I was there on time. Next time something I could do better is, making it there on time!