Friday, 28 August 2015


This is my speech, it's called - Being a kid is hard! The speech techniques I used were pausing after a sentence and using my volume at different times.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Library - this week in the library I was on, on Tueday. Taylor and Jak were meant to be on with me. Jak was sick so he couldn't do it this week, but Taylor came. Since Jak couldn't do it Samara filled in for him. This was good as we got things finished two's as fast. This week it was raining so that heaps of people came. Mrs Ward found this irritating because the library ended up being really loud. Taylor and I had to keep going around to remind everyone to be quiet. This week there were lots of people come in and issue/return books. This was annoying so Mrs Ward taught me another way to issue the books this was good as it was a quicker way. Next time something I could do better is get the hang of issuing books the quick way.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Bus - On the bus to technology this week I sat next to Sam W and Samara, Sam W sat next to the window, Samara sat in the middle and I sat next to the isle. I didn't mind this as this bus had a bar across the chair so that I didn't fall off. I think that on the way our groups noise level was really good. On the way we were the last group on the bus so I sat next to Samara and Abi, Abi sat next to the window, Samara sat in the middle and I sat next to the isle, this was worse as there was no bar across the chair this time. I think that the noise level on the bus was really good on the way back aswell. Next time I am going to focus on being less noisy as we come into school.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


On the bus - On the way to technology I sat next to Sam W and Samara (as usual). I sat in the middle, I like sitting in the middle as I can't fall off. We also had a different bus today, this was considered a good thing as there was heaps of room on this bus. There was a lot of room sitting in the chairs. On the way there we were very excited as we had a new technology subject. We were wondering what the teacher was going to be like and what we were going to make. On the way back Sam W, Samara and I were first in line this was good as we got the back because of this, we haven't sat in the back before so this was a new experience for us. I thought that the notice level was very good both ways. Next time I don't think I would like to improve on anything.

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - this week at peer mediation the field was closed, so Polly and I had to combine with Jack and Jonathan. This meant that there was four of us instead of two of us. We also had to solve a problem between some year threes, two year fives and two year two's, this was difficult as the year two's were spitting water and kept running away as they didn't want to get told off, we weren't sure what to do at this point so we chased them until we found a duty teacher who knew who they were and what they were doing. After this we went and did the rest of our duty.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Today at library - Today on librarian Jak, Taylor and I were on. Everybody turned up today and this was good as, we could get things done twice as fast! Today once Taylor and I got there we went and put all the books back where they belong. This took about ten minutes with all of us doing it. After we had done this I went at the desk to return and issue books. Taylor and Jak walked around the library to supervise it. After about ten minutes, Taylor came and said she needed to go toilet so I covered her part of the library. Once Taylor came back I had someone come up to me wanting to return their book this was new as I had only issued books before. I eventually got the hang of it, and became pretty good at it. During lunch I had people come up to me asking for siccors, pencils etc. I also learnt that you put the family name in a book if someone has donated it to the library. This was fun as Mrs Ward let me glue some in aswell. 


On the bus to/from technology - On the bus to technology I sat next to Sam and Samara. I sat in the middle as I sat on the end last time. On the bus there it was very quiet, Sam, Samara and I could talk between ourselfs quietly and still hear each other. On the way back I sat next to Sam and Samara again. I sat on the end this time, I don't like this to much as I always fall off when I sit on the end, but it was my turn and the others had, had their turns on the end. On the way back it was also very noisy. We were sitting behind and next to some people who were talking to each other very loudly, I can now understand how the bus driver feels as it was very loud! Sam, Samara and I didn't talk to each other much on the way back as it was getting to loud. Next time something I will do better is trying to remind others that they need to be quiet.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Radio Station

Today at radio station I was on with Monique, it is good that I am working with Monique as I think we work well together. Today once we got there we started filling in a sheet which tells us what to say and when to do it during radio. Once this was done I got the next song ready while Monique went over the radio board. Once we started, Mr Mcullum came in after our first song, he told us that we hadn't turned out microphones on, this meant that anyone listening couldn't here is before. This was a mistake we were sure not to make again! After this it was my turn to read a new article Mr Mcullum had brought in. Next time something we will remember to do is turn out microphones on.

Line of symmetry.

WALT - Use the invariant properties of figures and objects under transformations (reflection, rotation, translation or enlargement).

Solo Level - I think my solo level is extended abstract because I have practiced this and got it correct most of the time.


On the bus - on the way to and from technology I sat next to Samara and Sam W. On the way there I sat next to the aisle, this was a mistake as I kept falling off my seat every time we went around a corner. On the way back I sat in the middle which meant that I didn't fall every time we went around the corner. I think that we did better this week as in the way there everyone was letting everyone else talk to each other. On the way back I don't think this worked as well as others weren't respecting that other people wanted to talk to their bus buddy's. Next time I think there are two things we could improve on, the first one is letting other people talk to their bus buddy's there and back. The second one is when we get back to school walking in quietly so that we don't disrupt Mr Ladbrook and Mrs Trotter, we could do this by only talking to the people next to us.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - Today on peer mediation Polly and I were walking around, today Tom (who is the other peer mediator) finally came to help Polly and I. Polly, Tom and I walked around the concrete area for a while, and then we went to the senior playground as we didn't know wether we were aloud here or not. Once we were done here we went to the years 3 and 4 playground. After a while looking around this playground we looked at the time and it was ten past one this meant it was time to finish are turn on, as we were walking back inside we saw the other peer mediators from the field. Next time I don't think that there is anything else I could improve on.

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - Last week at kapa haka we practiced these songs:
 - He Honore 
 - Whakataka te hau
 - Pai mai
 - Tai tapu
We also started the actions to tai tapu. Matua Riharri let us help him with the actions because of this we came up with some new, interesting actions. Next week we are going to complete more actions for tai tapu. I can remember most of the actions for tai tapu, but I need to go over a few of the actions. Next week I am going to learn all of the actions properly so that I can remember them for next time.

My board - Lawyer