Friday, 30 October 2015

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - At Kapa haka yesterday, we went through Tahurihuri twice and then the routine for the opening of the new community centre and the gala. The routine is,
- Tahurihuri 
- Hope 
- Pai mai
- Whakataka Te Hau (with the haka)
The song Tahurihuri is a song that we do the poi to. I can do the poi I am just learning how to do it faster.  We do actions to Hope and Pai mai. I know these actions really well, I just need to learn the poi actions better. When we do Whakataka Te Hau we don't do any actions, Tjis means that we just stand there and do the wiri. After this we do the haka I like the haka because it's quite fun. Next time something I could learn is the poi.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Radio Station

Radio Station - Today at radio station Monique and I were on. We ended up starting late because it took us a while to fill in the script. We also couldn't find the piece of paper that had all of the story's from the news on it. This means that it didn't matter that we started late because we weren't able to do the school newsletter or the story's from the news. We started just past one and then finished just before lunch ended. Next time something I could do better is remember to turn the microphone on before we start because we forgot this time and then had to start again. 


Technology - On the bus to technology today I sat with Jordan again (remember the new seating plan). We sat two seats away from the back of the bus. I learnt something new about Jordan, AGAIN!! This was because we played a game where you had to ask a question about yourself and then the other person would answer the question. I think that on the way there our bus level was way better than last week. This may have been because four people weren't allowed to come as they were to loud last week. On the way back I got really confused before we hopped on the bus because I wasn't sure which bus was my bus (bus 1). On the way back the noise level was really good I think it was almost better than on the way there. Next time something I want to focus on is - remembering which bus I am on as people get annoyed when you hop on there bus. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Librarian - Today at librarian Taylor, Jak and I were meant to be on, but it just ended up being Taylor and I. As I'm not sure where Jak went. At the start I was there by myself because I went over there as soon as the bell rang but it took Taylor about five minutes longer. As soon as I got there I knew what to do strait away as I have done it so many times. I started putting the returned books away as there were heaps of them there. Sometimes I get muddled up with this because there are lots of different places you can put the books. When I was half way through this Taylor came and helped me finish. Once we had finished this I went to the desk and started returning and issuing books. 


Technology - On the bus to technology we had the new seating plan. My new bus buddy is Jordan, we also have to sit near the back. I think this is a good change as the his wasn't as loud, and you get to learn something new about someone. While I was sitting with Jordan I found that she has the same middle name as me (Kate). I also found out a lot of other stuff, most of our conversation was about formal though, but it was good to sit next to someone who knew what formal was about. I'm looking forward to sitting next to Jordan again and hope I learn something else I didn't know about her. On the way there I think the noise level was AWESOME it was way better than what it has been. On the way back I don't think it was as good but it was still an improvement from last time. 


Assembly - Yesterday at assembly the boys got there first so we ended up sitting in the back rows, I didn't mind this as it doesn't matter where you sit, it is just that sometimes I can't see the front because the boys are so tall. We got to sit closer to the front though because, the boys class was hosting the assembly, this means that the rows weren't as full as they usually are. At the end of the assembly there was an athlete who came in to talk to us because it is Olympic week. His name was Aaron and he did bobsledding while he was at the olpympics. He showed us what he wore at the Olympics and how he got a paint mark on his helmet. He got the paint mark because the bobsled he was racing tipped over while they were at the Olympics. He also said while he was there that he has the only bobsled in New Zealand and he might bring it in for us when he gets the chance. Next time at assembly I want to improve on my body language e.g. Sitting up strait so that it looks like I am paying attention. 

Peer mediation

Peer mediation - Yesterday I was on peer mediation with Polly and Tom. Polly and I started together and then later on Tom came and joined us. this was because he had forgotten and the peer mediators that were on the field reminded him for us. We went to the junior playground first because this is where we find a lot of problems. There ended up being no problems there, but the little kids wanted to show us how good they were at the monkey bars, so we stayed for about five minutes longer and there were still no problems. Next we went to the middle school playground where the year 3 and 4's play, but there weren't any problems there either. So we started walking around the juniors block, but there weren't any problems there! The little kids there wanted us to stay a little longer to so once we had been there for a few minutes it was time for us to finish. Next time something I could do better is not spending so long watching the little kids so that then we have more time to explore more of the areas. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Choir - This week at choir we did our warm ups first, these include jumping around on the spot and doing vocal exercises. After this we started singing songs from our music books (this is because our school is participating in the Christchurch schools music festival), some of the songs in our music books include:
- Ring of fire
- The long white sails 
- California dreamin'
- Slice of heaven 
- Here comes the sun
- This little light of mine
And lots more. The two songs I like the most are California dreamin' and slice of heaven. I like California dreamin' because it has a really catchy tune. I also like slice of heaven because I knew this song quite well before we started and because I like the meaning of the song. After we had practised a few songs with our books closed, one person got to choose what song we do next. The person who chose picked Adiemus (this is a song that is not in the music book, and also has made up words in it). I like this but we never get to practise this because it's not part of the music book, so I was glad that she chose this song. Next time something I would like to improve on is remembering all the words with our books closed, this means that I will have to practise at home so that I can remember them off by heart.

Kapa Haka

Kapa haka - This week at kapa haka we practiced Tahurihuri (this is a song that we do short poi and long poi to) and Hope - Tai tapu (this is our school song and we added actions to it). After we had practiced Tahurihuri two times and Hope twice. Mrs Baker said that we had to choose four songs to preform at the opening of the new community center, two of these songs are going to be Tahurihuri and Hope because we have been practicing these two songs and trying to make them look really good for a long time. For the next two songs we had to have a vote the three songs we were choosing from were:
- He Honore
- Pai Mai 
- Whakataka te hau
We took a vote and the two songs that won were Pai Mai and Whakataka te hau. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Goals Reflection - Term 4

My goals - Last term I improved on getting my distinction badge because, I achieved my excellence badge and I got very close to my distinction badge. I have also done well in aiming my highest in every subject because, I managed to get a credit in my ICAS writing exam (this is where kids from all over New Zealand compete in exams to earn awards).

My next steps - One of my next steps is to achieve my distinction badge, I'm going to do this by continuously blogging until I have blogged enough to achieve my distinction. My other next step is to get to the year 8 standard in each subject. I'm not sure how I am going in this as it is really hard to tell on the national standards spreadsheet.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Radio Station

Radio station - Today at radio station I was on with Monique. Samara also came to watch as she's thinking about joining next year. It took Monique and I about ten to fifteen minutes to write everything down and decide what articles we were going to read. We ended up reading an article about an old lady that was growing a unicorn horn from her head. While we're there, one of us does the laptop (this means that you turn the song on and off) and the other one does the sound desk (this means you change the volume of the song and turn the microphones on and off). We had some trouble this week because sometimes the song would pause for a few seconds and then start again. We decided that we would see if this happens again, and if it does then we will go and tell Mr Mucullum. Next time something we could do better is speaking louder into the microphones, because sometimes we couldn't hear ourselfs on the radio. 


Technology - On the bus to technology I sat next to Samara, we couldn't sit with Sam W today because she is in Austrailia. We also didn't sit in a three because the bus had enough seats for all of us. On the way there I sat in next to the window and Samara sat next to the isle. I think that on the way there the noise level was between average and loud, as there was a few people shouting across the bus at each other. On the way back Samara and I sat with Cassidy, as this was a different bus with less seats. I sat in the middle, Samara sat next to the isle and Cassidy sat next to the window. The noise level on the way back was really loud because it wasn't just a few people yelling across the bus this time, it was almost everyone. Next Tuesday the teachers have decided to set us someone to sit next to and where we sit. 

Monday, 12 October 2015

WALT - Generalise properties of multiplication and division with whole numbers.

The sheet above is a sheet on how to do the two sheet's below.
As you can see the answer is the third one because you can change the grouping of numbers.

This is another example of these questions, this time it says commutative property. this is when the process gets repeated, or you can change the order of the numbers.

The sheet above is on how to do the two sheet's below.
As you can see the answer is the distributive property because the equation of two numbers times the third number is equal to the equation of each number times the third number.

This is another example of these questions. This time it says the zero property of multiplication, this just means what you divide by zero = zero. This means that the answer is the third one.

I think that I got to extended abstract because I can explain each of the questions and how to answer it.