Monday, 19 May 2014

My Art 2014

Create art demonstrating an understanding of perspective. Using effective point, shape, line, texture colour and use of space. 

What I did in my art was try and draw all of the lines as strait as I could without a ruler, and I also tried my hardest to try and get my art to look as good as Mr Shaskeys art, somewhere where I think I was successful was my clouds, and my shading. When I did my clouds the thing I was proud of was that I drew the clouds lightly so that if I did a mistake I could rub it out easily, and in my shading I was proud of that because, I made sure I shaded it all in the shade it should be, and made sure that I didn't go out of the lines heaps.

If I had to do my art again what I would do differently is draw my flags more lightly because at the moment they sort of stand out, also some of my shading is too light or too dark so in my shading what I would do differently is look at Mr Shaskeys art to try and get my shading correct.

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