Friday, 12 September 2014

The Only One

I'm on my way home from school with my friend. We're playing truth or dare. I just have my friend a dare and now they have to give me a dare. She tells me to go into one of the houses along haunted street, because the door is opening and slamming itself shut.....

I tell her "I'm not doing that!" But she insists that I go in. I try to sprint away through the grassy paddocks, but I trip up and land flat on my face. There's no where to go, I have to go in. I slowly walk up the stony driveway, me and my friend side by side. I get to the front deck. I almost trip up the steps, one by one there's no looking back now. My trembling hand knocks on the door, my friend urges me to just go in anyway. I stupidly listen and rush in hoping not to see or hear anything terribly scary. 

I'm walking down the hallway. I think. It would be hard to know because this is such a HUGE house. I get to the end go the hallway and take a left. I enter the living room, there was a rocking chair swaying back and forth with the breeze. Then the rocking chair got out of time with the breeze. I was so scared I ran around the room like I was mad, then a frog jumped off the chair. It gave me such a freight that I screamed, the frog must have gotten a freight as well because he ran onto the fire and slowly started disinter grating. Just then I hear a loud banging noise like two pots clanging together. I follow the sound like it's pulling me in, I enter the kitchen I head towards the pantry to see if there's any food. As I head there I hear a creaking sound foolishly I keep walking and I fall through the floorboards!

I land in the basement. Some how I get up, I don't remember how because I was so dizzy as if I'd been spinning around for days. I look around there's a shelf with dusty spider webs in the corners. I creep over to the shelf, there's a trophy I pick the trophy up it says Maurice Vandaberg 1st in... It was too dark to read the rest, so I move over to where some light is. I clumsily drop the trophy it goes through a crack in a box. I open the lid of the rusty old box. There was a screeching baby inside, and more importantly the baby was cuddling the trophy! I lifted the baby out go the rusty old box, I think he must be cold for all he's wearing is a diaper, and wait what's that smell? EWWWWWW the baby's done a poo!!! I put the baby back in the box, and run as fast as I can, then suddenly I fall through the floorboards. 

I end up in someone's room, there's a duchess with an broken old mirror, that I see my distorted reflection in. There's small and large dolls on top go the duchess, they have curly brown hair, they have pink, green and blue dresses, and they have faces like a witch has cursed them. I'm sleepy. I look at the ragged old bed I desperately need a rest but I don't want to lie on the dirty old sheets. I have an idea I take my jersey off and lay it on the wholey duvet cover. After the jersey is spread all over the bed I lie down, and shortly after go strait to sleep. When I wake up there's the dolls they're standing up and shadowing over me. I'm so petrefied that I scream! The dolls start pulling my hair and my clothes, suddenly one of the dolls yanks my hair I wake up, it must've been a dream. I walk out the door and see the stairs that lead down to the front entrance, that's weird didn't I fall into the basement floor maybe I was wrong?

I walk out the front door my friend asks "what happened?" I say "nothing much." We scoot home, from then on no one knows what happened it's just between me and the house!

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