Friday, 5 December 2014

Magazine comments 2014

What have you enjoyed most about room 10:
I have enjoyed writing because Mr Hillary always gives us a set time period, and I always try to finish it in that amount of time.

What learning have you enjoyed and why:
I've enjoyed reading because once we read a book we always do a follow up afterwards, which doesn't make me forget about the story.

What learning do you think you've improved in and why:
Writing because I've been putting more detail and punctuation in my story's, because we do activities before we start writing, which makes me think.

What extra learning have you enjoyed and why:
Literacy quiz because it made me read books that are out of my comfort zone, and they were very interesting.

What do you want to improve on:
My maths because this year the things we did in our groups, weren't as easy as the things in all of the tests. 

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