Thursday, 26 March 2015

Goals - Reflection

I have achieved my goals by:
- Taking part in PALS, peer mediation, Kapa haka and choir.
- In PALS I've shown leadership by going out to do my duty, when possible.
- In peer midiator I have been going out to do my duty every week. On the first week of term we had
  one problem, but we used our peer mediation skills and sorted it out.
- For Kapa haka I have gone to every session, and tried my hardest to learn all the songs and actions.
- For choir I have given up my time before school to come in and learn new songs every week. I also 
  try to learn these songs at home.
  Overall I think I have done well so far in being an older role model for kids at the ages of 5 - 10!

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