Thursday, 23 July 2015

Peer mediation

Peer mediation - At peer mediation this week, I walked with Emma as Polly was not here and her partner didn't show up. We had to walk around both areas as we were the only peer mediators on duty. 

This week we had two problems - Our first problem was two girls saying rude things to each other. We tried to solve this problem, but they kept interrupting so we sent a peer mediation form to the teachers to alert them of this problem. Our second problem was two little girls couldn't find their friends, so Emma and I helped them to find their friends. Their friends were at jump jam when we found them so the little girls went to join in.

Something I found fun at peer mediation on Monday was getting involved in my first problem as a peer mediator. Something I could improve on is to explain the rules clearly so that they don't interrupt as much.

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