Friday, 3 July 2015

How I was a good role model!

How I was a good role model  - I was a good role model this week by:
 - Helping with the Kakano cross country.
 - By doing peer mediation and other activities, to show younger children that it's good to get         involved in other extra activities.
At the Kakano cross country I helped by marshalling, this involved giving up one of my lunch times to go and sort out who is doing what and, get a map to see where everyone has to stand. I liked doing this as, I got to cheer the little kids on, and I got to see my sister (Bella) run, as mum and dad couldn't come. For extra activities this involves, going out at lunch for peer mediation to help the little kids with any problems that they have. It also includes giving up some other morning tea's lunch time's and school time to participate in these extra activities.

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