Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Leadership meeting - Distinction Can Do #14

Leadership meeting - On Monday the year 8 leaders had a leadership meeting. We heard about the meeting through the student notices as we do every Monday. As Mr Ladbrook (the leader of our meetings) was our own teacher he decided that we would start the meeting early, he started our meeting at read and feed time at morning tea instead of during morning tea. There are eighteen student leaders but the head girl and head boy were at another meeting during this time so we proceeded without them. At the start of the meeting we talked about our action plans that we wrote at the start of the year. After this we talked about being focused as we are the leaders of the school and we need to role model for others. After this we talked about how we were leading the assembly that afternoon. This was a surprise to us a we didn't know that we were hosting the assembly till then. I showed the CARE values by listening and taking in what Mr Ladbrook was talking about.

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