Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wellington - Distinction Can Do #16

Wellington - Last week the year 8's went on their school camp to Wellington. The trip went from Monday morning until Thursday night. On Monday the year 8's were expected to be at the train station by 6:30, as the train left at 7:30! After this we hopped on the train, on the train I showed leadership by keeping my voice down and respecting others right to talk as well. It took us the whole day to get to Wellington and by the time we got there it was raining! Over the next three days we went to heaps of historic places like the beehive and the war memorial. One main thing that I remember is the teachers telling us to keep to the left while we were walking around the CBD. This showed leadership by us keeping to the left and keeping our voices down as there were members of the public walking around as well as us.

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