Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Today at library - Today on librarian Jak, Taylor and I were on. Everybody turned up today and this was good as, we could get things done twice as fast! Today once Taylor and I got there we went and put all the books back where they belong. This took about ten minutes with all of us doing it. After we had done this I went at the desk to return and issue books. Taylor and Jak walked around the library to supervise it. After about ten minutes, Taylor came and said she needed to go toilet so I covered her part of the library. Once Taylor came back I had someone come up to me wanting to return their book this was new as I had only issued books before. I eventually got the hang of it, and became pretty good at it. During lunch I had people come up to me asking for siccors, pencils etc. I also learnt that you put the family name in a book if someone has donated it to the library. This was fun as Mrs Ward let me glue some in aswell. 

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  1. Good job Sam, hope you get your excellence badge soon.