Tuesday, 11 August 2015


On the bus to/from technology - On the bus to technology I sat next to Sam and Samara. I sat in the middle as I sat on the end last time. On the bus there it was very quiet, Sam, Samara and I could talk between ourselfs quietly and still hear each other. On the way back I sat next to Sam and Samara again. I sat on the end this time, I don't like this to much as I always fall off when I sit on the end, but it was my turn and the others had, had their turns on the end. On the way back it was also very noisy. We were sitting behind and next to some people who were talking to each other very loudly, I can now understand how the bus driver feels as it was very loud! Sam, Samara and I didn't talk to each other much on the way back as it was getting to loud. Next time something I will do better is trying to remind others that they need to be quiet.

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