Tuesday, 4 August 2015


On the bus - on the way to and from technology I sat next to Samara and Sam W. On the way there I sat next to the aisle, this was a mistake as I kept falling off my seat every time we went around a corner. On the way back I sat in the middle which meant that I didn't fall every time we went around the corner. I think that we did better this week as in the way there everyone was letting everyone else talk to each other. On the way back I don't think this worked as well as others weren't respecting that other people wanted to talk to their bus buddy's. Next time I think there are two things we could improve on, the first one is letting other people talk to their bus buddy's there and back. The second one is when we get back to school walking in quietly so that we don't disrupt Mr Ladbrook and Mrs Trotter, we could do this by only talking to the people next to us.

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