Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Librarian - Yesterday at librarian Taylor and I were on. At the start of lunch I raced over to the library because usually people go in when they're not allowed to (only the librarians and Mrs Ward are allowed in). By the time I got there people had already started to go on though so I had to try and ask them to leave untill Mrs Ward got there, but Mrs Ward got there before I got anyone out so they just stayed inside. At the start of our duty the first thing I did was get the books that had already been returned and then put them back on the shelf where they go. Sometimes this is hard because some of the books have no labels or some of them have different labels that mean different things. After this I went and sat at the counter so that I could issue and return books, while I did this Taylor went and walked around the lonrary making sure that their were no problems. Next something I could do better is getting there sooner so that no one goes in before they're supposed to. 

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