Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Peer mediation

Peer Mediation - Yesterday at peer mediation I was slightly late as athletics went longer than expected and ended up going through the start of lunch, once we had done our time we decided to keep going because the other peer mediators weren't there and we thought we keep going as we missed the start of our session. Samara also offered to go with me as Polly wasn't there and I would have been by myself. Once we had started we went strait to the juniors playground because this is where most problems happen. Once we got there my sister came up to us because there was a problem with one of the year ones, once we had stared this another little kid came to us and said there was another problem elsewhere. This would of been to difficult to leave and then come back to because it was nearly the end of lunch, since we couldn't leave it Samara went and helped them with there problem and I stayed to help my sister with her problem. The solution to this problem was to get a duty teacher because it was a problem that involved physical violence. After this I went to the problem that Samara was sorting and helped with the solution. After that we started walking back to class as it was nearly the end of lunch.

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