Thursday, 5 November 2015

Peer mediation

Peer Mediation - Yesterday I filled in on peer mediation for Samara I did this because her third person wasn't there this means that Kyla, Samara and I all walked around the field. We got halfway around the field and we already had a problem! Once we had started this problem another girl came to us and said that she also had a problem so Samara went and helped her while Kyla and I stayed to help the other kids. These kids were so hard to deal with because they kept talking over the top of us, we solved this by going over the rules with them so that we could remind them what was acceptable. Once we were halfway through the rules a little kid came up to us and said that she had a problem, so I gave Kyla my card and went over to help them. This problem was a lot easier to solve as these girls didn't keep talking over the top of me. After this I asked one of the girls that wasn't wearing a hat to go and sit under the shade sails, so she did. Then Kyla came over and we walked around trying to find Samara, once we found her it turned out that she had solved more than one problem while she was away. Next time something I think I could do better is keeping my card with me so that I can read from it to tell them the rules and remember what to say to the little kids. 

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