Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Radio Station

Radio Station - Today at Radio Station I got there before Monique so I started looking through all of the songs to choose some that we would play. After I did this I started writing the script for the show. Then Sam W came in saying that she was filling in for Monique. Once I had finished writing the script I showed Sam how to use the equipment and she got the hang of it really quickly. Once we started I had to guide Sam through as its really hard to get the first time. Once we started Sam had gotten the first line slightly wrong, it was also really hard trying to get her to keep the music at the right volume but apart from that she was amazing at it. I also have Sam the harder job because she came in slightly late so I had already got everything set up. Next time something I could do better is give her the easier job so that it's not as hard on her first go.  

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