Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Peer mediation

Peer mediation - Yesterday at peer mediation Polly and I were on. As we started Emma D and Jack W came over to join us, as then we'd be a group of four in stead of two groups of two. After this we walked to the junior playground, as this is where most of the problems happen. Surprisingly there were no problems, but as we were there a lot of the little kids wanted to show us all of their tricks that they can do on the monkey bars. After this we went and walked around the field, as this is Jack and Emma's area. We walked around the field once and there were no problems. Since there were no problems we decided to go to the senior playground, but as we were heading there we saw that the time was ten past one, this meant that we had to finish now. So we went back and put out stuff away. 

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