Sunday, 6 September 2015

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - This week at Kapa Haka we sang two songs.
- Taitapu 
- Ta huri huri
Mr Brown and Matua Rhihari didn't think we were loud enough, so they decided we would go off against each other. First it was year 4/5's, year 6/7/8 girls and then year 6/7/8 boys. The winners were the year 6/7/8 boys but they said that the year 6/7/8 girls were more in tune. The second time we went off against each other it was year 4/5/6's verse the year 7/8's. This time I'm not sure who won because they said that the year 4/5/6's were louder at the start but then we got gradually louder. So in the end I'm not sure who won. During Kapa Haka Mr Brown said that the year 7/8 girls have been singing quietly lately so we have to try our bests to sing louder. At the end of Kapa Haka we found out that Matua Rhihari had brought some lollipops for us. I got a purple one that I ate during Morning tea. Something I could work on next time is singing louder as Mr Brown doesn't think we are singing to our full potential. 

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