Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Technology - On the bus to technology, I sat next to Sam W and Samara. On the way there I sat in the middle, this was good as in the middle you can't fall out as much. We had people from the other bus on our bus because they didn't have enough room on there bus, so they had to come and sit on our bus. I think that our noise level on the way there was very good, as we were only talking to the people next to us. On the way back we didn't have any extra people on our bus as the bus's had changed so that there was more room. I sat with Sam W and Samara again I sat in the middle again as Sam W wanted to sit next to the window and I was behind her so I just sat in the middle. I think our noise level was worse this time as the bus driver had to stop and talk to us about our noise level. Next time I think something we could improve on is keeping the same noise level each way.

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