Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation - Today I had peer mediation. Polly wasn't here today so I had to go with the peer mediators that were doing the field, this was only one person as there other person was sick. We said we would do the field instead of the concrete area. We had one issue on the field this was, where some little kid kicked the ball away from another kid, and then the other kid pulled home by the collar. We sorted this by getting them to apologize to each other and then high five. After this we got their names and room numbers so we could submit the peer mediation form. I think this was a good solution as when we walked past them again they were playing nicely with each other. After this my sister came up to us and wanted us to help her skip we did this for a while and then left her. We walked around the field another time and then the other peer mediators came up to us so they could swap, as we had completely forgotten the time. Next time something I could improve on is finishing at the right time. 

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