Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Technology - on the bus to technology, I sat with Samara. I couldn't sit with Sam W as she was sick. We were expecting for someone else to join us but no one did, as there must has been enough seats. On the way there Samara and I sat near the back. We decided this as there's a seat near the back that has the heater underneath it. On the way there I thought the noise level was really good, well at least at the back it was. On the way back our group was one of the last to get on the bus. Since we were one of the last it was lucky we got a seat. I managed to save one for Samara and I though. We again only ended up two to a seat as there must have been enough for everyone. On the way back we were near the front this was good as it was a change for us. I think that the noise level at the front of the bus was almost better than at the back of the bus. Next time something I could work on is sitting three to a seat. 

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