Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Leadership meeting

Leadership meeting - On Monday the 2016 leaders had a leadership meeting. At the start of our meeting Mr Ladbrook asked Xanthe and I how we were going with our charity plans. Xanthe and I hadn't been able to finally decide on a finishing date but we decided shortly after the meeting finished. After this Mr Brown came into our meeting and told us about what was happening with tabloid sports this week. The leaders had no idea what Mr Brown was talking about at the start but we shortly understood as we had no idea about the tabloid sports this week. Mr Brown didn't know exactly what was happening on Friday but he said he was going to ask Mr Forman and find out for us; this means that we might end up having another meeting on Thursday. Xanthe and I have been busy organising our charity event that we are going to have to think about the tabloid sports quickly before we forget!

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