Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Librarian - This year for librarian my role  is to go down to the junior area with a book and with three other librarians (Sam W, Samara and Monique) and read to the juniors. On Monday we went to the library to collect our books and the beanbags. After this we walked down to the music room deck and two of us went around asking kids if they wanted to come and read with us while the other two stay and start reading with some little kids. This week we only read one book as we didn't start reading untill later on that lunchtime. Sam W got to read her book before the bell rang. As Sam was reading her book the rest of us sat in a circle listening to her. We usually get a lot of junior children come over to listen to us so we have to remind them to be quiet as Sam reads. Next time I think we could do better at getting out there earlier so that we can all get through our books. 

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