Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Librarian - On Monday at librarian Sam, Samara, Monique and I went to the library at the start of lunch to look for some books that we could read to the juniors. We decided not to bring the beanbags this time as they get a bit annoying with the juniors trying to sit on them whilst you are reading. This week I chose a Barbie book as Mrs Ward said that all of the juniors love the Barbie books! Since Sam W wasn't in the library as we chose the books we chose one for her. Once we approached the juniors area we found a place on the deck that we would read our books. We thought that we already had enough juniors with us so we decided that I could start reading. Once I started reading more and more juniors came over to listen to us. After I read Sam W read. Once we had all finished reading we packed up and took everything back to the library. 

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