Friday, 20 May 2016

Kapa Haka - Excellence Can Do #1

Kapa Haka - Today at kapa haka, we got there at the right time as we got to go into the hall as soon as we got there. Once we got into that hall we lined up in our lines for He Honore and Tai Tapu. As soon as we were set up we started singing He Honore once we were halfway through the song we mucked the words up so we had to start again. The second time we went through He Honore it was alright as we got the words right the second time. After this we went through Tai Tapu for fun and then Mr Brown decided that we would set up our new lines for the poi. I stand at the front of our line as I'm one of the shorter ones. The year 8's don't have any actions for the long poi yet as we are still learning the actions. Once we had finished I went back to class and thought about some new actions for next time.

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