Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Technology - Excellence Must Do #1

Technology - On Tuesday the year 7/8's had technology. Once we were lined up outside in our two lines (Bus 1 and Bus 2). I was in the bus 1 line. The teachers let the Bus 2 line hop onto the bus first. A bus arrived and we all thought it was our bus but as half of us were already on we realized that it wasn't our bus so we all had to hop off again and wait for the bus to come. Samara and I sat in the middle of the bus. I sat next to the aisle and Samara sat next to the window. We started to talk to each other and it was really good because we could actually hear each other without talking too loudly. On the way back I sat next to Samara again, we sat near the back this time. Instead she sat next to the aisle and I sat next to the window. On the way back the noise was really good again as Samara and I could hear each other the whole time without raising our voices. 

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