Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Librarian - Excellence Can Do #2

Librarian - On Monday at librarian Sam W, Monique, Samara and I were on. We went and waited outside the library once the bell for lunch had gone. We were waiting there awhile as we were waiting for Mrs Ward to come and unlock the door to let us in. Once we were inside Samara went and signed us all in and Sam W, Monique and I went to look for the Barbie books. We couldn't find them where they usually are so we went and asked Mrs Griffis where they were. We eventually found them and took two books between the four of us. We didn't take the beanbags this week because we  thought that they would just be a nuisance. Once we were down there Sam W read her book and then I read my book. We had heaps of year 1's come over wanting us to read to them. Once we had finished it was a struggle to get them to go and play with their own friends again but we eventually got there. 

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