Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Librarian - On Monday at librarian Samara and I had to read to the little kids by ourselves as Sam W and Monique had to finish their maths. Once Samara and I got to the library Samara went over and signed us in and I went to look for some Barbie books as they little kids love Barbie! When I went over to the cupboard to look for the Barbie books I couldn't find them so I went and asked Mrs Ward where they were. We eventually found them right at the back of the cupboard. As we were leaving the library we remembered the beanbags and decided we should take them down with us. It was hard trying to carry three beanbags between the two of us but we managed. Once we got to the deck of the music room we put the beanbags down and went to ask some kids if they would like to come and listen to us reading. At first not many kids wanted to come but as we started reading more and more kids came along. At the end of the two books we carried the beanbags back and went out to play.

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