Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Kapa Haka - Distinction Can Do #1

Kapa Haka - On Monday Sam W, Samara, Monique and I were meant to do librarian. As we were only two days away from performaning at cultral festival Mr Brown called a practise so that we could practise coming off and on the stage. Once we had been released from class I grabbed my poi on the way out and started walking over to the hall foyer. Once I got to the hall foyer I took my shoes off and sat them down on a seat. After this I walked into the hall and saw that we were sitting in our lines for hareruia once I had seen this I went and sat down with them. After this Mr Brown and Mrs Baker came in and started organising us into lines on each side of the hall. Once they had done this we practised coming onto the stage quietly and by staying in line. After this we practised coming off the stage in the same way. We practised this a few times untill we had done it nicely without talking and by staying in line. After this we practised our whole routine a few times and then had a talk about whats going to happen on the night of Cultral Festival. I think that I showed the care value of excellence as I never gave up the whole time whilst we were practising coming on and off the stage and while we were practising our routine.

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