Friday, 9 September 2016

Kapa Haka - Distinction Can Do #3

Kapa Haka - On Friday the year 4 - 8 students had kapa haka. Once the year 7/8 students had been released from class I grabbed my poi on the way out and started walking over to the hall foyer. Once I got to the hall foyer I took my shoes off and sat them down on a seat. Once I had done this I walked into the hall and just stood there as I didn't know what was happening. Suddenly Mr Brown called out to us that we were to sit in our lines facing the stage. This is weird because we usually sit facing the side of the hall. After this we sat down and the teachers started talking to us about our upcoming performances. We have two more performances this year. These performances include the Oaklands school gala and the Oaklands school prizegiving. After they had talked to us about this they introduced two new songs to us that we would be singing at our upcoming performances. The first song the introduced was Ka Wiata, everyone already new this song as we sing it in Te Reo lessons. After this they introduced a new song which I can't remember the name of. Once we had been through this new song and learnt the words we started on the actions. We only got through half of the actions as kapa haka was about to finish and we hadn't finished going through the song with the actions.

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