Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Kapa Haka - Distinction Can Do #2

Kapa Haka (Cultural Festival) - On Tuesday the year 4-8 students in kapa haka had their performance in cultural festival. As we arived we were all very nervous and excited. After a while Mrs Baker told all of the year 8 girls that they had to go and put on some headbands and earings for the show. Once we had put these on the teachers took us inside and sat us down in some seats in the audience. We watched a lot of schools do their perfromances for the cultural festival, all these groups were very good which made me even more nervous. After a while Mr Brown led us out to backstage. On the way there we all dropped our stuff and left it in te foyer so that we didn't loose it. After this we went backstage. Whilst we were backstage we were all very nervous as we were about to go onstage. After this some staff came over and started taking us to the entrance onto the stage. Once we took the stage all of my nerves escaped me and I started to really enjoy the perfromance. Our first song was hareruia this was a nice simple song to start off with as it is a very simple song to sing and it looks very sharp when we perform it. After this we went into tahurihuri, I was very relieved to know that I didn't muck up in this song as I was doing the poi and this is very nerveraking for me. After this we did our school waita and then the haka. Once we had perfromed the teachers let us go as long as we had been seen by one of them before we left.

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