Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Technology - Distinction Must Do #2

Technology -  Today the year 7/8's had technology. As Samara and I went to the radio room to put the flags out we realised that the teachers were taking a staff photo and the radio room was locked, so we waited in the hall foyer until the teachers came out. Before the teachers came out the 8:30 bell rang so we had to go back to class to make sure we weren't late for the bus. Once we got back we waited a while and then the teachers came and opened the doors so we could go inside and do the roll  and get ready. The teachers asked bus 2 to go and line up first. Afterwards they asked our bus (bus 1) to go and line up. Once we had walked over to the bus I managed to hop on as one of the first people and get a seat at the back of the bus. On the way there I sat next to the window and Samara sat next to the aisle. On the way there the noise level was very good as I could easily hear the person next to me and most people were whispering. On the way back I sat next to the window and Samara sat next to the aisle again. On the way back the noise level was good as people were only talking to the person besides them. I think that I showed the value of displaying all care values to the public as I made sure I was being polite to everyone around me.

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