Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Librarian - Today at librarian Taylor, Jak and I were meant to be on, but it just ended up being Taylor and I. As I'm not sure where Jak went. At the start I was there by myself because I went over there as soon as the bell rang but it took Taylor about five minutes longer. As soon as I got there I knew what to do strait away as I have done it so many times. I started putting the returned books away as there were heaps of them there. Sometimes I get muddled up with this because there are lots of different places you can put the books. When I was half way through this Taylor came and helped me finish. Once we had finished this I went to the desk and started returning and issuing books. 

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  1. Good job for turning up to your duty. It's good to see your helping out around the school. Good leadership!