Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Radio Station

Radio station - Today at radio station I was on with Monique. Samara also came to watch as she's thinking about joining next year. It took Monique and I about ten to fifteen minutes to write everything down and decide what articles we were going to read. We ended up reading an article about an old lady that was growing a unicorn horn from her head. While we're there, one of us does the laptop (this means that you turn the song on and off) and the other one does the sound desk (this means you change the volume of the song and turn the microphones on and off). We had some trouble this week because sometimes the song would pause for a few seconds and then start again. We decided that we would see if this happens again, and if it does then we will go and tell Mr Mucullum. Next time something we could do better is speaking louder into the microphones, because sometimes we couldn't hear ourselfs on the radio. 

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