Sunday, 18 October 2015


Choir - This week at choir we did our warm ups first, these include jumping around on the spot and doing vocal exercises. After this we started singing songs from our music books (this is because our school is participating in the Christchurch schools music festival), some of the songs in our music books include:
- Ring of fire
- The long white sails 
- California dreamin'
- Slice of heaven 
- Here comes the sun
- This little light of mine
And lots more. The two songs I like the most are California dreamin' and slice of heaven. I like California dreamin' because it has a really catchy tune. I also like slice of heaven because I knew this song quite well before we started and because I like the meaning of the song. After we had practised a few songs with our books closed, one person got to choose what song we do next. The person who chose picked Adiemus (this is a song that is not in the music book, and also has made up words in it). I like this but we never get to practise this because it's not part of the music book, so I was glad that she chose this song. Next time something I would like to improve on is remembering all the words with our books closed, this means that I will have to practise at home so that I can remember them off by heart.

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