Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Technology - On the bus to technology today I sat with Jordan again (remember the new seating plan). We sat two seats away from the back of the bus. I learnt something new about Jordan, AGAIN!! This was because we played a game where you had to ask a question about yourself and then the other person would answer the question. I think that on the way there our bus level was way better than last week. This may have been because four people weren't allowed to come as they were to loud last week. On the way back I got really confused before we hopped on the bus because I wasn't sure which bus was my bus (bus 1). On the way back the noise level was really good I think it was almost better than on the way there. Next time something I want to focus on is - remembering which bus I am on as people get annoyed when you hop on there bus. 

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