Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Peer mediation

Peer mediation - Yesterday I was on peer mediation with Polly and Tom. Polly and I started together and then later on Tom came and joined us. this was because he had forgotten and the peer mediators that were on the field reminded him for us. We went to the junior playground first because this is where we find a lot of problems. There ended up being no problems there, but the little kids wanted to show us how good they were at the monkey bars, so we stayed for about five minutes longer and there were still no problems. Next we went to the middle school playground where the year 3 and 4's play, but there weren't any problems there either. So we started walking around the juniors block, but there weren't any problems there! The little kids there wanted us to stay a little longer to so once we had been there for a few minutes it was time for us to finish. Next time something I could do better is not spending so long watching the little kids so that then we have more time to explore more of the areas. 

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