Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Technology - On the bus to technology I sat next to Samara, we couldn't sit with Sam W today because she is in Austrailia. We also didn't sit in a three because the bus had enough seats for all of us. On the way there I sat in next to the window and Samara sat next to the isle. I think that on the way there the noise level was between average and loud, as there was a few people shouting across the bus at each other. On the way back Samara and I sat with Cassidy, as this was a different bus with less seats. I sat in the middle, Samara sat next to the isle and Cassidy sat next to the window. The noise level on the way back was really loud because it wasn't just a few people yelling across the bus this time, it was almost everyone. Next Tuesday the teachers have decided to set us someone to sit next to and where we sit. 

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