Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Assembly - Yesterday at assembly the boys got there first so we ended up sitting in the back rows, I didn't mind this as it doesn't matter where you sit, it is just that sometimes I can't see the front because the boys are so tall. We got to sit closer to the front though because, the boys class was hosting the assembly, this means that the rows weren't as full as they usually are. At the end of the assembly there was an athlete who came in to talk to us because it is Olympic week. His name was Aaron and he did bobsledding while he was at the olpympics. He showed us what he wore at the Olympics and how he got a paint mark on his helmet. He got the paint mark because the bobsled he was racing tipped over while they were at the Olympics. He also said while he was there that he has the only bobsled in New Zealand and he might bring it in for us when he gets the chance. Next time at assembly I want to improve on my body language e.g. Sitting up strait so that it looks like I am paying attention. 

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