Thursday, 24 March 2016

Kauri Run, Bike, Run!

Kauri Run, Bike, Run - On Monday the Kauri team (year 4-8's) went to Halswell Domain for run, bike, run. Xanthe & I had to take the year 6s for a game of French cricket! We had 3 groups, one group played tricky tag & the other 2 groups played French cricket. After this the year 7/8s played a game of dodge ball. They split the teams up fairly, and my team win the first round. We were half way through the second round when we had to go for our event! The year 7/8s all raced together. The individuals went first & then the teams went. I was coming second out of the girls after the first run and then got ahead in the bike. In the run I ended up beating all the individuals and one team beat me!  I was super proud of myself! We walked back to school with our bikes & our medals on. 

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