Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Leadership meeting

Leadership meeting - On Monday the 2016 leaders had a meeting with Mr Ladbrook at morning tea. We talked about how we thought we have been going so far this year. I said that I enjoyed swimming sports and can't wait for our next event. Mr Ladbrook has had everyone arranging an event that each house captain or heads etc had been in charge of. Since I'm the Miro house captain I have been arranging a charity with Xanthe, the other Miro house captain. We have decided that we will do a charity where everyone brings in clothes to donate towards the cyclone that had hit Fiji, we will then go through the clothes and select the blue ones that we could use to make banners for Miro. After we had talked about this at our meeting Mr Ladbrook said that we could go and enjoy the rest of our morning tea. 

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