Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Leadership meeting

Leadership meeting - On Monday Mr Ladbrook held a leadership meeting for the 2016 leaders. Miss O'connor came as well. Mr Ladbrook split everyone up into two groups - The house captains were with Miss O'connor and the rest of the leaders (such as the heads, cultural ambassador's, house point coordinator's and sport's coordinator's) were with Mr Ladbrook. I was with Miss O'connor as I'm one of the house captains. She wanted to ask us if we could create a google slide of how to show the care values at Oakland's. Xanthe and I got to do the cloak bay presentation, this means that one week each class in the school will look at our google slide and, use it to their advantage by showing these care values in their cloak bay. Each pair of house captains got a area of values each and also created a google slide for each class in the school to use. After this Mr Ladbrook came back in and told us that we had decide on a game that we were going to play on Monday as this is run, bike, run. Xanthe and I decided on French cricket, I don't know how to play this but Xanthe showed me a google doc so I could understand how to play.

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