Thursday, 3 March 2016

Leadership in the Food Forest

Leadership in the Food Forest
Yesterday some of the year 8 students went out to help with the Food Forest. The year 8's were asked to help the year 4 students collect seeds.

This is us collecting the seeds:

First we had to make envelopes to put the seeds in, this was difficult because there were heaps of us making four envelopes each and only four staplers.

After this we had to get into pairs and go into the garden and collect the seeds. This was difficult as I couldn't remember what some of the plants were called. Next it was time for morning tea.

Once we came in from morning tea we split into our 4 groups. Our group was assigned the chicken tractor. To do this we had to carry the 4 fences from outside the caretakers shed to the Food Forest. This was easier than I thought it would be as we had to have two to a fence. Once we had set the fences up in a square we went back to get the orange netting and the wire. Once we had collected this we had to put the netting inside the fence and connect the wire to the fence and netting, so that the chickens couldn't possibly escape.

After we had finished in the Food Forest we went and spent the afternoon with the juniors.

This is a photo of our chicken tractor:

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